Why are Sharia laws secret?

Anyone can look up the subject of islamic sharia laws on the internet. And oddly enough it is we NON muslims that have the most to loose IF our Countries became Islamic.

Muslims LOVE to downplay and at times outright LIE about what thier political / religious laws would do to non muslims.

This propaganda is a prime example of that:

“The Rights of Non-Muslims in Islam: An Islamic Basis (A 13 part series)”


Instead of being TRUTHFUL about islams mistakes dealing with non muslims they gloss over the many years of murderers, wars and other horrors because in thier minds they are ‘Superior’ to all other humans. They neglect alot of information. So it leads me to conclude if Sharia laws are so great WHY are they hiding information about them?

The following information comes from non muslims and history:

“History of Jihad against the Egyptian Coptic Christians (640)”


The history of jihad website has alot of information taken from history books of the reality of islams rulers and thier deeds against non muslims.

“Rights of Non-Muslims in an Islamic State By Samuel Shahid”


“Jihad, the Arab Conquests and the Position of Non-Muslim Subjects”

by Ibn Warraq 25 March, 2007


“The Jizyah Tax: Equality And Dignity Under Islamic Law?”

“Walter Short”


“The Massacres of the Khilafah”

“Walter Short”


And so… if the above information is true… gathered by looking into the past and islamic documentation. We non muslims have no other choice but to reject Islamism and its system.

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