My response to rives comments on Romans 14:5-6

This is my amatuer answer to this recent addition to his website:


As usual Richard rives tries to avoid those Scriptures that are contrary to his Theonomy / Judaizing teachings.

In Romans 14:1-23 what Paul  is about is not offending those weak in the Faith. These teachings of Paul include eating, Holy days, and avoiding judging fellow Christians depending on where they are in their Spiritual walk.

Meanwhile rives has ignored the following Scriptures that counter his claims about keeping the Sabbath and the Law of Moses.

Romans 13:1-10

Romans 10:4

Romans 8:1-10

I wonder why rives also ignores Acts 15:1-31? Which clearly gives we Gentiles Christians guidelines of which through Paul’s teachings that we Gentiles donot keep Moses Laws. This includes any of rives excuses for Sabbath keeping.

Even in other Scriptures we Gentiles are given various teachings about how Jesus satisfied the Law of Moses. See Galatians 5:1-26, Galatians 2:21, Galatians 3:10-14, Ephesians 2:15.

So why would Rives and his Theonomist ilk fight so hard to live according to the Torah?

Because they would prefer to be Christian ‘Jews’ than living as Gentiles through Faith.

Sabbath or Sunday is a choice. Rives and his ilk hate that.

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