WHY we as Christians SHOULD NOT Condemn all Presbyterians

Started; June 26, 2014

Finished; July 8 2014



As a Christian I was deeply saddened to hear the “Presbyterian church” suddenly decided to accept ‘gay marriage / rights’ not because it is Biblical correct but because they are living according to the cult-ure of the USA.


I soon discovered through some internet research that there are actually two groups that call themselves Presbyterians.



Allow me to demonstrate.



Here is where the differences lie.




“How to Tell the Difference Between the PCA and PCUSA”

“Current Events / Joe Carter”

“Jun 23, 2014”







It would have been very easy for me to ‘fly off the handle’ and vigorously condemn a entire denomination for promoting liberalisms sins.


Fortunately I don’t need to do that. Instead allow me to show the following two subjects within that liberalized group that are particularly damning.




Gay marriage:



“Frequently Asked Questions: Civil Union and Marriage”


Click to access ga221-civil-union-marriage-faq..pdf



Another change within that liberal denomination is ‘disvestment’ from supporting Israel and businesses that make various items within that Country.





Click to access boycott101_summary-sheet.pdf



“2 sided boycott flyer”


Click to access boycott_flyer2013.pdf



“Call to Boycott Products from Israeli Settlements: 220th General Assembly (2012)”


Click to access 2012_ga_action_on_boycott_of_settlement_products-final_text.pdf






We as Christians MUST follow the Teachings of Jesus. Which means supporting gay marriage / gay rights is out of the question. Jesus taught us not to support culture or its sins.



As for Israel.


It is my belief that supporting Israel is the Biblical thing to do. However I DONOT support every decision or action of the Israeli Government that is damaging to property or any loss of life without specific evidences that it was a necessary evil.


To blame Israel for ANY perceived criminality and ignoring the moslem threats or other groups within that country is not only ignorant by those who support such groups but promotes terrorism and criminality against Israeli persons and also the many foreign visitors who come to Israel through tourist organizations.

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