Why it’s a mistake to use American politics to push for gay rights and gay marriage.

Why it’s a mistake to use American politics to push for gay rights and gay marriage.

Written: Sept 2011

DISCLAIMER: Before I begin my Editorial / opinion if you cannot stand a non gay opinion on ‘gay rights / gay marriage’ feel free to skip this post. I AM NOT a PROFESSIONAL Minister, Teacher or Councilor I am simply a regular joe who has noticed some horrific changes in America and its time to stop them before its too late.


Over the last several months I have been researching the political gay movement both online and in books I can borrow from the local library.. These leftist groups have their specific excuses, ideology and ideas to legally purchase legal gay weddings and other types of protective rights from the US Government.

And yet despite all their arguments their lifestyles still donot equal marriage.

Does their claims actually equal rights and marriage? I’m gonna say no for the following reasons.

1 Being gay starts as a mental battle. Those who are gay men or lesbians become convinced first in their minds about whom they will and wont be lustful towards and those ideas, thoughts become actions by seeking out and finding their lovers.


2 Gay males or lesbians are not a race, nor a ethnic group it is a form of sexual fetish. Not a protected group like the many races of the world.


3 Being gay or lesbian doesn’t mean that you should earn ‘special rights’. Because of their sexual choices and actions in public or private.


4 All of the arguments I have read by pro-gay propagandists for marriage rights, civil rights or other types of special rights. Is meaningless because no gay person or gay group has earned any new rights due to their sexual choices and actions.


5 By giving up special rights and protections to gay men and lesbians we do the following. We must give up religion in the USA because we as Christians are seemingly the only moral voice against the destructive lifestyles of the gays. We must be willing to give up more money for insurances and medical expenses, We must give up media & print freedoms unless they propagate the gay lifestyle, We must build specialty hospitals, apartments and other locations that protect gays against we ‘horrible’ heterosexuals. Etc


6 By granting special rights and protections to gay men and lesbians we would in reality propagate societal suicide by the eventual depopulation of the USA because of Deaths from STDs, other forms of diseases or worse.


Instead what we have done in  America  is propagated gay, lesbian and transgendered lifestyles into a neo-race or neo-ethnic group. In making such groups a neo-‘whatever’ we have taken their sexual lifestyles, sexual choices and made them into fuel for leftist politics.

When we take sexual acts and turn them into a weapon to enforce ‘politically correct’ policies that have changed society and personal attitudes we have as a people and society excused the deeds of individuals and made them something more.

Instead… individuals, families, society should work together to help gay men and lesbians to work out the problems in their own head to get them out of the gay lifestyle. With or WITHOUT any specific religions. If nothing more than to preserve their lives from a lifestyle that has killed millions of men and women through STDs and cancer.

Gay men and lesbians can have all the lovers and relationships they want to. No one can deny or argue that they can find their particular loves throughout their lives and the hope they will be happy together.

But trying to force the public and society to accept their lifestyles using American law and political policies to get married is not only going to harm them but the rest of us in society.

Yes I realize that many in the pro-gay ‘community’ will be offended and angry with me for posting this opinion. And yet they have done nothing to help society for the benefit of EVERYONE they have only propagated their own ideology without solving the various problems brought up by Christians about their lifestyles and political cravings.

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