My response to the claims of roger j morneau’s book ‘trip into the supernatural’

I started this piece of amateur research 07-03-2008 as a attempt to verify the information he published in his book a “trip into the supernatural”.. Many of the places and people he wrote about seem to be true. However the rest of his story is something I’m skeptical of.

The following link gives his story / testimony:


“My Early Years”

“I was born in the year 1925 in the province of New Brunswick, Canada. My parents were devout French Roman Catholics. Two of my aunts were nuns, and my father’s brother a priest and monseigneur of the Catholic Church. Our family practiced many types of bodily humiliations in order to gain favor before God. For instance, it was customary at certain times of the year for the members of our family to hold an all-night vigil. Each of us took turns kneeling for one hour before a statue and saying the rosary, or other prayers.”

I have tried to look up family information of him in New Bruinswick online and found nothing on the family not even a birth certificate of him either. It should be fairly simple to trace such a person online. But so far I have only found his information from various SDA followers.

Why didn’t he give us the names of those in his family to verify in the Catholic Church? After all his story is supposedly true. Or is it?

I have contacted the French Canadian Catholic Church & they have no information about this guy or other family members.


“Then in my early teenage years I attended a boarding academy operated by the nuns of L’Hotel Dieu de St. Basil.”

When I first researched this place online I found nothing on it. Later I received a comment with the following information.

Special thanks to: Regilan

“Submitted on 2009/04/10 at 11:40pm”

“I found at least the school did exist, it was also a boarding school run by french nuns, it appears to have closed down in 1960.”

“Here are photo’s of the Students at Hôtel-Dieu Academy, 1873-1935.”

“There are more photos up to 1960.”

main page:

Notice he doesn’t give dates to verify if he attended there? I also attempted to verify his claim of being a student there by emailing the above website and their email no longer works.


“I joined the Canadian Merchant Navy where during the war I worked – mostly as a fireman – in the engine rooms of the various ships I was assigned to.”

I have TRIED to contact organizations about the Canadian Merchant Navy & have not gotten any replys about Mr. Morneau… And isn’t it interesting he doesn’t bother with naming the Ships or people he served with or dates of his service?


“St. Catherine’s Street West, which is the main street in Montreal.”

St Catherine’s Street West is a real place in Canada but without a address of the club or the name of the ‘Famous Jazz musician’ it is nearly impossible to verify his claim.


“First Meeting with “Elite” Spirit Worshippers” (Spiritualists)

At present I counted 6 ‘spiritualist’ churches (Online) in the area Mr. Morneau talked about. Now the problem is which one did Mr. Morneau attend? Or did he make that up?


“former mayor of Montreal, Camilean Houde”

Camilean Houde was a real person & his bio can be found on Wikipedia…


CORRECTION: Due to a error on my part I used the wrong name in regards to morneaus wife. The following information about Mrs. Morneau is as follows.

wife: Hilda Mousse

Further family information can be found on Wikipedia and internet search engines.

UPDATE: July 2014

I found out Hilda has written a recent book about her life with Rodger. To be fair to her and her family I will post the link here:

My Incredible Journey with Roger


By Hilda Morneau

ISBN: 9780828024983 | 128 pages | Review and Herald Publishing | Copyright 2011


Information of Morneau’s  death:

“A great warrior in the army of God has fallen. His Memorial Service was held at the Modesto Central Seventh-day Adventist Church, September 25, 1998.”

I found the SDA church mentioned above and the weird thing was there is no apparent public email for me to ask them if this post was true. I did however leave a post of my own in their ‘guestbook’. asking about him.


When Mr. Morneau was alive he meant well in as much as promoting his ideas involving the SDA organization.

Since his books came out in the 1980s WHERE are the critics of his writings and story? After all something must have been published to counter his claims. But so far.. I have not been able to find much online about him. So that makes me wonder if his whole shpeal was just to sell books.

As a Christian who worships God on Sunday I find his ideas on Saturday Sabbath VS Sunday keeping offensive. After all Calling Sunday ‘satans day’ because of supposed sayings / teachings of a ‘spiritualist’ cult or group is questionable and outrageous.

In the end was Morneau Spiritually right? Probably not.

Morneaus biography is correct at least in the places he lived and the people he knew of. But the rest of his story seems to be fiction.

Why Christians should be skeptical.

Within the last 30 years some of the greatest Christian authors who wrote on the occult were investigated by skeptics and fellow Christians and found to be frauds.

Names like:

Rebecca Brown MD

Mike Warnke

Lauren Strafford

Come to mind.

Which leads me to my final point.

IF Mr. Morneau was not writing a fictious book and was actually trying to warn people of the dangers coming from this particular group of occultists he would have given us proper evidences including people’s names and further information on the group involved. This information should have been provided to ANY Christian not simply SDA believers.

But like Lauren Strafford and other ‘former occultists’ he simply made up a scary tale unlike the late Ms. Strafford he pushed the doctrines of the SDA Church and it’s hatred of the Catholic church and other Christians to prove those things he was taught in the SDA organiztion.

I can assure any one who reads this amatuer post I am not done looking into Morneaus or ANY other SDA claims. After all if thier claims are true it can be proven so. If not… than why should ANY of thier claims be considered at all?


UPDATE: July 2014

I made a small mistake about morneau’s wife’s name and corrected it. However his claims still need to be questioned and it is up to his family to indicate how much of his life was true or merely sda propaganda.

Other posts about my doubts on his story can be found here:


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Seventh day Adventists should spend less time worried about Ellen g white or rodger morneau and concentrate on their relationship to Jesus Christ before it’s too late.

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