Gods word isn’t hate speech

Gods word isn’t hate speech

Start: 6-12-2019

Finished: 6-12-2019


My response to:


“Gods Word or Hate Speech?”

“01/06/2017 12:24 pm ET”

“Tim Rymel, M.Ed., Contributor Author | Educator | Dad”




It shouldn’t too surprising that I don’t take too many news stories to heart. Particularly those involving Hollywood actors or actresses. After all I don’t really care about ones opinion. I care about what progressive ideologies are doing to my kids opinions and the Country as a whole.


Not long ago my two older daughters called me a homophobe for giving my opinion on lgbt brainwashing that has come from youtube and other media. And since it is their main diet for bad ideas and their opinions I wasn’t too upset with their name calling.

Now here’s my opinion on this article.


My own conversion to Christianity was not related to my parents or grandparents. It was my personal choice to become a Christian.


So any idea on genetics or family teaching is not true.


Christian opinions’ on lgbt propaganda and articles is hardly hate speech. After all. Actual hate speech is the use of written speech or verbal speech that give an indication to criminal physical violence to anyone (lgbt or otherwise).


Prime examples of actual hate speech can be found online directed from moslem mujahedeen to gay men, lesbians and others where they have the expressed desire to murder lgbt-ers. But of course the lgbt lefties don’t want to admit that.


Which ‘religion’ do we chose? The lgbt lefties have already lumped us all in as bigots and crazies. They already took Christianity, Judaism and islam and perverted it to fit their narratives’. The absurd idea that you can be or born gay, lesbian, bi, trans, or the rest of their idiotic a-z identities’.


They re-translated the Holy Bible, Torah & quran to fit their lgbt ideologies and demanded that those who have a religious faith to ‘tolerate’ and welcome them in Churches or other places of worship that are not progressive.


In reality that ‘leaven’ simply pulls apart from those who have a Healthy Faith and desire to follow the Teachings of Jesus and the Disciples.


The buzzword is of course “equal human rights” the favorite term to use psychological warfare to tell those who are Christian that you ‘have to’ accept the lgbt-ers or you’re the enemy. This of course is a double edged sword because Christians as individuals, Organizations, Churches etc CAN AND SHOULD sue lgbt-ers for not allowing their ‘equal human rights’ to be recognized to disregard lgbt philosophy and simply ask to be left in peace with their lives, choices, beliefs and so forth.


But we already know we won’t be.


The articles author ends his article with:


“Calling someone “perverse” or “sick” while claiming to speak for God requires no thought, no understanding, and no compassion. The speaker is no different from any other religious extremist, and no more civilized. The words do nothing more than draw lines, separating those who are in from those who are out. It divides those who are human from those who are not. It becomes nothing more than blatant bigotry wrapped in religious rhetoric. But then, religious freedom laws, like the comments section on social media, don’t require thinking; they only require a very strong feeling.”


“For society to succeed, human rights and freedoms cannot be based on religious texts or tenants. It was on those very beliefs and Scriptures that slavery, racism, and segregation was justified. Human rights must take a more civil and objective tone, agreeing that people, regardless of faith or creed, or race, or sexual orientation, deserve respect and equality.”


My response:

1 Name calling is wrong. And yet I’ve had several encounters from gay men calling me ‘white trash’, ‘homophobe’ for having no desire to deal with left leaning morons. These interactions were face to face when I was trying to walk home from work and to this day I have very few nice things to say about gay men.


Lesbians on the other hand have been far nicer and friendly to me than others in their ‘community’ through interactions with them at various employers as far back as 1999.


2 No one speaks for God. God spoke to the Israelites first and then through Jesus and the Disciples.These ideas were eventually written down n both Jewish & Christian texts. The idea of sexuality was not meant for gay 69, sodomy and the multitudes’ of fetishes that gay men enjoy in one form or another. Sexuality was meant between one man and one woman. This has been the norm since we humans first created civilization.


3 The greatest problem is that bigotry, hatred, ideologies , philosophies all pull individuals to be separate from another. We see such things from the political and philosophical left who pull away from those of us who are Conservative, Christian or other religions who tend to align with ideas that are contrary to their beliefs, philosophies and so forth.


Prime examples of these activities are:


Demonizing non lgbt persons in the media


Demonizing persons who don’t hold the same ideas about sexuality from lgbt fetishists


Attempting or succeeding to get a non lgbt person fired from their place of employment


Physical assault of non lgbt persons




It is not ‘strong feelings’ that guide Conservatives or Christians it is Faith grounded in Evidence. It is the quite watching oof the fiasco of the political left and the entirety of lgbt ideas that have shown we Christians that their philosophy and ideas are not meant for everyone’s benefit but ugly lies that were crafted and told for at least 50 years through the media, publications and more.


It is not ‘religious bigotry’ but the careful study of lgbt persons and all of their flaws by watching their personal lives successes and failures. The horrific destruction of gay men and others to hiv and aids due to plain ignorance and a lack of knowledge how those disease could have been stopped dead in their tracks where Millions could have lived all over the world.


The ugly truth is that lgbt persons SHOULD BE CRITICIZED and their philosophy flaws exposed to the whole world! And if it is through ‘religious’ means so be it. But not merely dogma or doctrine but through Science and Medicine as well!


Society, Civilization cannot simply allow lgbt ideas to rot it. We all share the commonality of being a human being. As flawed as we all are. We have to agree to disagree no matter our religious ideas, doctrines and philosophies. For the lgbt they HAVE TO agree that they will not always deal with a ‘reasonable’ individual because that person was taught the being gay, lesbian, bi, poly, trans or the rest of the lgbt alphabet is a sinner, doomed to hell etc.


As a Conservative, Christian I already know that the lgbt will not accept me on religious grounds. I’m fine with that. I simply wish to live my life separate from everything lgbt related because I have watched my gay coworkers, lesbian coworkers go through their own versions of physical hell and no matter what I said or prayed for could have saved them. The best thing I could do is simply treat them as respectfully as I could as the coworker and leave them to figure out their lives as best as they could.


I will not agree that lgbt is a great idea or that they deserve special rights or responsibilities. They have to prove they are capable to be helpful to society. And it’s not happening. This isn’t because of ‘religious laws’ but by their own dumb decisions and forcing their fellow Americans to accept a un-provable philosophy that will not bring success to all. It is one of many reasons for our country to fragment and become potentially unlivable.


4 The Holy Bible / Tanakh is Gods word written down. It is not hate speech and it can be a guide to those who are willing to seek him. As much as the lgbt-ers hate the Holy Bible and Tanakh those documents can never be used to successfuilly be a positive resource for lbgt philosophy and can hopefully bring gay men, lesbians and the rest of the lgbt alphabet back into how they were born. Male & Female not lgbt.

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