Dr Maxtor and the system of islam are intolerant

Originally Published on: Jun 16, 2008 @ 16:27

Allow me to finish off my concerns and opinions on this so-called ‘Dr’ s blog  and his islamic faith.

Dr Maxtor writes about alot of stuff in his blog. Mostly it is  Anti American Gov  & basically ‘hate speech’ against ‘Zionists’ aka Jews.

Muslims who use the internet to blog frequently forget that thier words turn others off from thier faith / religion. Personally speaking I have no use for islam as a religion, political process or lifestyle in my daily life. Everything I have learned about islam comes from the quran, hadiths, and islamic websites. These 3 sources told me all I needed to know about islam.

Of course the leftists & other ‘suckers’ will say that I’m bigoted. Well that’s probably true. But as I have read from thier own websites islam is bigoted against Jews, Christians, Gays, the US Gov, Secularism, Atheism and so much more. And you wonder why I’m bigoted?

This Dr Maxtor is one example of how Islam the system  misuses the rights given in secular societies to push its ‘agenda’ of spreading islam first by word and then by war. Think I’m kidding? Go read the following fatwas:

 What muslims say about gays:


Economic jihad:


islam claims to Wailing wall in Jerusalem Israel


Jerusalem is for muslims (So they think)


Still think I’m wrong? We shall see…

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