Question: What are 5 reasons why islam is different from Christianity?

Started: 4-21-2014

Finished: 8-23-2016



The following post requires you the reader to already know something about islam verses Christianity. This requires you the reader to study or have already studied why islam is not the same as the Christian Faith. Much of the information provided are subjects that I have already studied taken from both islam and Christian resources much of which is online or in (published) book form.



Every day I check my blog and many times I create posts made up by my readerships questions or statements. This includes the following statement I found today.


“5 reasons why islam is different from Christianity”


So without further ado what are my reasons for islam being different from Christianity. I have included six reasons but I could go higher due to the many subjects that are covered online or in published works.



Here is my present list of subjects. I probably won’t attempt to cover all of them in one sitting.



1 God, Jesus

2 Bible vs. quran

3 Evidence that Christianity is TRUE and islam is a false religion

4 Christianity is not a political system, islam is

5 Prayer

6 Jihad vs. Spiritual Warfare

7 Other subjects:


1 GOD:


islam: allah is not knowable, it is divorced from it’s creation. In other words ‘god’ or ‘ilah’ in islam is not a being that cares about moslems or non muslims.


Allah is said to be one god and has no separate persons attached to it. In the arabic language allah is meant to be the name for ‘God.’ However I have discovered that allah can be contributed to almost any god and is not adequate as a name for the God of the Holy Bible or Jewish Tanakh.



Specific subjects that demonstrate that allah is not the god of Jews or Christians:



allah islams god has rejected Jews and Christians.


This statement is found in the quran.

The Cow Al-Baqarah 2:104-112 Torah and Gospels Abrogated. Which means that both the Christian Bible & the Jewish Tanakh are gotten rid of according to islam / moslems.


Jesus in islam:


In islamic doctrine ‘Isa’ is the islamic Jesus, he is not divine but merely human. According to islam isa with the mahadi will murder Christians & Jews and destroy their Faiths utterly.


Islam: Examples From the quran.


19:83-98 False doctrine of sonship

5:116-120 False doctrines introduced after Jesus death

4:171-176 Prophet hood of Jesus


The food Al-Idah


5:12-19 Christian violation of the covenant


5:44-50 the quran and previous scriptures


5:65-77 Christian deviation from the truth

The family of Amran Al-Imran


3:42-63 Various stories about Isa or Jesus in the Quran



God in Christianity:


Triune. Father, Son & Holy Spirit.


God has sought after and befriend many persons in the Bible. Notable stories, Adam and Eve, Abraham, Daniel, David, Many others.


God seeks relationship with his human creation like a Father. He loves us all and desires his creation to be with him in Heaven one day. God can be called upon through Prayer at any time. Jesus is our link to God the Father through Prayer and doing & living his teachings found in Matthew, Mark, Luke & John.


Jesus according to the Bible.


The stories of Jesus written by his Disciples are personal accounts of what Jesus said & did in Israel over 2000 years ago. Jesus can be viewed as Divine & Human. What I mean by that is that Jesus as a man worked as a carpenter, got hurt and bled while working, ate food, drank water or wine, wept when his close friends died, laughed at something funny, went to the bathroom, cleaned his body. When he started his Ministry he was able to draw crowds to him to hear his preaching, Healed the sick, Raised the dead, Taught how to forgive people when they did evil to them, And did many more miracles while alive.


Jesus as Man was arrested & tried before a Roman court and while found not guilty his enemies the Sadducees & Pharisees demanded his death. As everyone knows Jesus was killed by crucifixion and buried. Three days later Jesus rose from the dead and visited his Disciples teaching them again before ascending into Heaven.


The name of Jesus is used regularly in Spiritual warfare and is well known to cast demons out of the possessed.



2 Bible vs. quran



The Holy Bible is a collection histories, letters, and more written by various authors under inspiration of the Holy Spirit over many hundreds of years. Many of the New Testament authors witnessed the deeds, life and teachings of Jesus and wrote of his life in the Gospels. After the death & resurrection of Jesus the Disciples wrote of their experiences within the early Church & the many problems mentioned in the various books of the New Testament that they witnessed and dealt with, they answered many questions raised during their lives of their ministries.


Chronologically the Jewish Tanakh & The Holy Bible existed long before muhammads birth and the supposed dictations he is said to have spoken creating islam.



*The quran is a collection of stories written by various authors supposedly who witnessed the life, deeds and teachings of muhammad. The problem of the quran is that it is claimed to be written from allah. It is not… it is written by no less than 40 scribes who supposedly wrote the teachings of muhammad down due to the fact that muhammad could not read or write during his life. (Pages I-57 – 58)


*Reference: Maulana Muhammad Ali quran with English translation and commentary.


Moslems like to say that muhammad ‘wrote’ the quran and yet as mentioned above how could he? Muhammad did not live during the times of Adam, Moses, David, or Jesus so his supposed ‘dictations’ were not witnessed by him or his followers. The man and women of the Tanakh & —-Christian Bible lived long before islam was created by muhammad or his followers.



3 Evidence that Christianity is TRUE and islam is a false religion



What are the evidences that Christianity is true and islam is false?


1 Historical places

2 Historical people



1 Historical places:


The Jewish Tanakh & The Christian Bible are not based on fictions as moslems and their atheist cousins like to think or say. Both documents are written from the standpoint of those who lived in Israel and the middle east during those times. After all Babylon is Iraq, Persia is Iran, in other words there are many places that existed when the Jewish Tanakh was written and those places continue to exist today. This is proven by History and Archeology.


The various areas mentioned in the quran are seemingly not related to world history or Biblical history but only arabian history during muhammads life.



2 Historical people:


Many of the people mentioned in the Jewish Tanakh and the Christian Bible are about specific people and their deeds. All one has to do is look up History and Archeology about Israel and the surrounding areas.


muhammads quran has no mention of Israeli history in it. There is no usable archeology or history in regards to islam.



4 Christianity is not a political system, islam is



The Christian Faith is not a political system despite what liberals / progressives say.


Jesus as both Man & God never required his followers both past & present to build a Theocratic system in his name. Instead Jesus required his followers to live under those governments and tell everyone about how Jesus was better than all those old gods. As Christians we were to live simple, holy lives.


However when we look at islam.


I have read that islam is considered by moslems to be a ‘perfect system’ it is both a theocratic system and a religious faith. This means all over human political systems are the enemy of islam. The moslem system of government is known as sharia.


So for those of us in America, the well known and imperfect system of Government we have would be replaced by a foreign system that would effectively destroy.


socialism / liberalism / humanism / atheism (Anti theism)

‘medical’ marijuana and other drugs

gay rights / marriage

Everything ‘transgender’


All other leftist subjects…


Other targets:


No Freedom- (Unless it supported islam)

No Press (Unless it supported islam)

No Speech (Unless it supported islam)

No ‘free thought’

No publishing (Unless it supported islam)


ALL other religions killed off…


Jews & Christians either exterminated or heavily taxed

No Occultists / wiccans, satanists, spiritualists / ghosthunters, etc…

Also lds (mormons), jehovahs witnesses, scientology, and so many more…


Unknown subjects:


Employment: No known solutions for employment and earning a living.

Food production (Meat halal only)

Farming: No solutions for farming.

Taxes: No known solutions for personal, federal / governmental taxes

International banking:

Import / Export of goods:

Banking:  would have no interest (SUPPOSEDLY)



In other words the law system of sharia would have potential devastation effects to everyone not only in America but the rest of the world.


Simply put if sharia laws are so grand why are millions of moslems running away from their own system when they have absolutely no way to fix their own problems let alone trying to fix anyone else’s?



5 Prayer:




We can pray to our God any where and anytime. We pray in the name of the Father, Son, And Holy Spirit. There is no grand system of Prayer nor do we need one when we pray to God for our requests.



Islam / moslems.


MUST pray towards the kabah in saudi arabia. The kabah is the black stone looking square in mecca.


MUST have done ‘wudu’ a islamic ritual of being physically clean so that allah will hear their prayers.


MUST repeat specific prayers in ritualistic fashion in Arabic


6 Jihad vs. Spiritual Warfare



Christian Spiritual Warfare is taken from doctrines in the Scriptures like.


Ephesians 6:10-19

2 Corinthians 10:3-7


Of which is relating to fighting against demonic forces that are not physical opponents.


There is no known doctrine from Jesus or the Disciples to fight against unbelievers with weapons either as criminals or as soldiers. Our mission as Christians is to tell people all about Jesus and to live his teachings.



As for jihad in islam…



Jihad in islam is construed from two points of view.


1 Fighting against non muslims as terrorists and criminals.


2 personal struggle.



Because the term’ jihad’ is a well known reference fighting and killing non muslims of every race, color, religion in the name of allah and muhammad I won’t need to comment much on it. After all we don’t need fanciful terms by moslems about it when it is painfully obvious that muhammad in the quran dictated to his past and present followers that ‘non believers’ must be attacked and killed until they are afraid of moslems and must accept sharia law as their own.


Fortunately in the USA we will never likely accept such terms and we as a people would willingly kill off any mujahedeen and out law islam in the USA. Forcing such scum back into the hell holes they created.


Brutal words? Perhaps, but isn’t it necessary in this National climate of fear and the recent horrors of islamic terrorism in the USA and elsewhere.



7) Other subjects in islam:


Treatment of women:

1 rape

2 sex slaves

3 honor killing

4 beating a muslima wife

5 Divorce



Destroying Leftist ideals:

gay rights / marriage

trans-anything, trans man / trans woman, trans-species

Anti gender

Anti -religion



I am not going to cover these items because others have already done that or will do it eventually.



As I have attempted to prove Christianity and islam have considerable differences in doctrines and theology. Coupled with moslem insistence that they worship the same god as Jews or Christians and yet their activities within criminal jihad creating the deaths of thousands of Christians and many other non muslims destroys their claims because they are demonstrating that they are not the same. They donot follow the teachings of God or Jesus they are following the teachings of satan and muhammad the criminal ‘profit’.


IF moslems truly followed the same God as I do. They would cast aside subjects like jihad, mujahedeen and any ideas of theocratic rule by violence, murder and terrorism. To follow the TRUE God who loves and requires his followers to live in peace with all men and women.




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