Question: ‘What does the Bible have to say about sharia laws?’

Asked: 2014

Answered: 3-14-2015



**Absolutely nothing…**



Why would I say that?



The Old Testament written by various Jewish authors dealt only with the Law of Moses and the many stories, prophecies and more for that group of people.



The New Testament written by Messianic Jewish authors deals with the teachings of Jesus and the Disciples which formed the Christian Church.



Now what about islam?



Islam chronologically came AFTER both Judaism & Christianity. Therefore any doctrines, stories, theology, philosophy etc spoken by muhammad and written down / collected by multiple moslem scribes have little to do with either community or religious group.



Why is this important?



Moslems love to make up doctrines, stories, opinions that the Christian Bible and the Jewish Torah supports their system. However when we actually look up their claims they are easily refuted and shown to be fakery.


I can assure you my dear reader any moslem claims are based on lies and false hoods.


The following web lists are various proofs that we as Christians are well aware of what sharia is and why it is unsafe for US, World Governments and so forth.






Different Issues Regarding Sharia Law:



“Islamic Sharia Law: Its Origins, Development, and Application Today By James M. Arlandson, PhD”



“The Shari’a by H.A.R. Gibb”



“Top ten reasons why sharia (Islamic law) is bad for all societies, Does Islam really practice human rights?”

“James M. Arlandson”


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