My response to a John Fea article from 2019

Started: 12 25 2019

Finished: 7 29 2020


Originally found While on face book in 2019:



“Christian Writer Claims Christian Voters Aren’t Really Christians if They Voted for Trump”

“National   Isaac Cross   Jun 25, 2018   |   5:40PM    Washington, DC”


“Christian” Writer Claims Christian Voters Aren’t Really Christians if They Voted for Trump




Which lead me to the following:


“Evangelical Fear Elected Trump”

“The history of evangelicalism in America is shot through with fear—but it also contains an alternative.”

“June 24, 2018”

“John Fea”




After considerable research from his blog and articles he insists the following about American Christians.



For those who voted for Trump did so out of fear…


Trump is immoral…


American Christians are some how “White” and his speech indicates we are some how racist…


Notice the speech and tone from his many articles.


“Why white evangelicals still support Trump”

“Historian and author John Fea on Trump’s “court evangelicals” and the long history of Christian nationalism.”

“By Tara Isabella  Nov 5, 2018, 5:00pm EST”


“Why do white evangelicals still staunchly support Donald Trump?”

“The answers lies in the Reagan-era religious right.”

“By John Fea”

“John Fea teaches history at Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, Pa. and is the author of “Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump.”

“April 5, 2019 at 3:00 a.m. PDT”



“Trump and the Christians Evangelical historian John Fea on decoding the great paradox”

“Historian and author of “Believe Me” on his struggle to reach the embattled evangelicals who oppose Trump”


FEBRUARY 19, 2020 1:00PM (UTC)


“Imagine if the Christian right started offering mere thoughts and prayers to end abortion”

“By John Fea | Special to The Washington Post”

“Published: August 8, 2019 ,Updated: August 08, 2019”




“MAR 10, 2020”



“Trump’s campaign of fear”

“JULY 23, 2020 / JOHN FEA”


Trump’s campaign of fear




And that’s just a small sampling of what he writes online. As you can see his writings are carried by left leaning internet magazines and websites in which makes anything he has to say nonsensical because he is in reality serving the very democrat party and the anti-nomian progressives who are involved in the criminal protests and riots.


There is no secret he HATES Trump and wants him gone as President. And all the while heaping criticism on Trump and those who support him such as.



“Fear Power Nostalgia and the 81 Percent”

“An evangelical historian searches for the roots of Trump-friendly evangelicalism.”


“JUNE 29, 2018”



In which he calls Christians “court evangelicals” and yet spews praise over former presidents like obama.



“Would You Vote for This Man?”




Is he completely wrong? Not really. But here is the uncomfortable truth. NO wealthy, politician or elitist is without sin and immoral activities. And we have 200 years of leaders who all have moral problems.


It was not fear that caused Christian, Conservative, Blue collar people to vote for Trump. It was a lack of stronger candidates from the Republicans or that the Repubs wouldn’t allow Cruz or Carson to fill our ticket and our unwillingness to vote for hilary Clinton the female version of obama due to the dems screwing up with left leaning ideologies and ideas.


And no it wasn’t racism either.


Here was why we collectively chose Trump.


No one wanted hilary Clinton back in the Whitehouse particularly with the rape accusations of her hubby, the trashing of said office, the adulterous affairs, the debacles of Ruby ridge and Waco and many other accusations of criminality between the two of them.


And then there was all of the policies and bad decisions of obama and the democrat party in large.


The progressive destruction of the family

The progressive destruction of law to force Christian business owners to cater to lgbt persons even if they didn’t want to

The constant accusations of racism, Nazism and so forth

The constant barrage of lgbt propaganda in the media

The constant eradication of Christians answering atheist / anti-theist videos on YouTube thanks to google

The poor economy and financial woes

Progressive hate of Police


Public drug use

Amenity for illegal alien criminals

The abortion industry

High taxes


And like most progressives online where are his solutions to these and more problems? Of course nothing of consequence.


Instead as most left leaning ‘Christians’ instead of actually following Jesus he’s following the money to those who support his ideas.


After all is following Jesus the same as what the democrat party & it’s socialistic mistress follow or is he just another false teacher like those from the huffington post & other left leaning internet sites.


I already know the answer to that question.


Let’s take a moment and expose something that few want to admit.


Jesus is neither American

Jesus is neither democrat

Jesus is neither Republican


Jesus is both Jewish & God. A God who understands humanity is such a intimate way it is beyond my limited scope and imagination.


That is who Jesus is. And no matter if we are American, Conservative, Christian, Republican, liberal, progressive, socialist, democrat we will all by bowing at his feet soon.

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