Why the quran is ‘bs’…

(With a ‘hat tip’ to Penn & Tellers FORMER tv series “Bullshit”.)

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Tonight I’m going to teach about the muslim quran. For those of you who don’t know anything about islam & their beliefs allow me to briefly describe the religion

Islam was created by a guy named Muhammad 1400 years ago in Arabia. He was uneducated, unable to read or write. His religion for the time of his boyhood to adulthood was paganism. The various peoples around him were either pagan, Christian, Jewish and other religions via many tribes or families.

As Muhammad grew into a man he decided that he would start meditating in a local cave system and supposedly was ‘visited’ by a angel that told him to speak ‘revelations’ to the pagan Arabs around him. Using Christianity, Judaism and paganism as religious reference in order attract followers from other faiths so he could produce a army and attack his enemies. This sycretist collection of religious ideas became the quran from muhammads speeches.

Islams ‘holy’ book is called the quran (koran). It contains various ‘dictations’ by Muhammad. Or at least by muhammads scribes. It is 114 ‘surrahs’ (chapters) long. Its contents included various Bible and Torah stories and characters that were altered or edited for content by 40 of muhammads scribes.

Islams god is called allah. Allah in Arabian paganism was one of many gods in the kaabah. A pagan temple in Mecca. In the quran allah rejects both Christians and Jews and chooses the pagan Arabs for his new followers.

Islam as a political system is unfair and criminal against Christians, Jews & everyone else including atheists…. The ‘legal system’ of islam is called sharia which is made up normally of the quran, hadiths and other documents.

Moslem ‘morality’ or lack there of comes from the quran, hadiths and other documents. In which they seemingly have the ‘right’ to kill non muslims for not believing in islam, rape female captives, marry female muslimas as young as 9 years old. Steal, lie and do other criminal acts that are not only illegal but immoral.

Reference Note: While I’m using generalizations and opinion there are plenty of websites you can check up on that all the wrong doings of moslems. And of course it is not hard to discover moslem foolishness and criminality online using the many news sites that everyone can access daily. Feel free to do your own research.


Now why is the quran ‘bs’?

As a ‘arm chair’ researcher. I looked up alot of information on islam from it’s sources… in other words i looked up islam both online and in books. From that information I took note on what is made up of islam. The sources of islam as I previously mentioned come from pagan, Christian, Jewish and other religions and beliefs that muhammad joined together to make islam.

Having bought & read the quran multiple times I have attempted to prove it’s worth through sciences such as:


Archeology evidence

Theological & Doctrinal evidence from Christianity, Judaism and others.

Through these and moslem sources I have found.

No historical, archeological proof of the stories within the quran

No Theological or Doctrinal proofs of allah as God

No Theological or Doctrinal proofs that muhammads claims are correct from the quran in regards to characters like Moses, Jesus, King David and many, many other people mentioned in it.

So during my investigations and informational gathering I have concluded…

The quran is ‘bs’…

I have thought very carefully over the years since I have read the quran and it’s fanciful content reminds me of another series of religions that were not brought forth by God but man.


Mormons (Later Day Saints)


Either of which cannot be proven by history or archeology.

Perhaps a question has entered your mind dear reader why I’d resort to foul language and a less Christian message. My answer is simple because the aforementioned atheistic cowards won’t call the quran ‘bull-shit’ nor will they make specific attacks on islam or moslem theology. But it’s perfectly ‘ok’ to attack Christians and Christianity in order to make a quick buck. And so my message  to them that attack Christianity for the sake of their atheistic ‘business’ I call their attacks ‘bullshit’ featured in their tv specials books etc.

Live up to your ‘beliefs’ boys and roast moslem ‘sacred cows’…

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