Islamists use JW propaganda to insinuate that the Holy Bible has errors?

Islamist propaganda: ‘50,000 errors in the Bible?’

I found this post last year (2008). And here is my response to these lies made up by both Jehovah’s Witnesses and Muslims….

See here:

Here is what I find hilarious about this:

Ahmed Deedat created and taught all sorts of claims against Christianity. And yet his only ‘evidence’ comes from a recognized Anti Christian cult and that’s what he uses to proclaim that the Holy Bible has errors? Even worse is the ‘JW’ claims errors yet they ‘retranslated’ the Holy Bible into the faulty ‘New world Translation’?

And while I’m at it WHERE is the ‘JW’ evidence of Biblical corruption? They don’t give very good examples. Unless they use the writings of JW Dummelow or some other long dead atheistic philosophers. And some how no one believes in his ancient text anymore.

Although there many claims of errors by Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses, LDS (Later Day Saints) their ‘evidence’ is typically faulty and eventually refuted by Christians. Interestingly all three groups use JW Dummelow. And that poses a question. If he is correct WHERE is his evidences? After all he is long dead and can’t answer his critics.

The many claims of Deedat have been refuted by Christians. These refutations are featured on Even a mere amateur such as myself have reviewed his writings and typed up our own responses to his claims.

Muslims have no clue about the differences between Christianity and the (JW) Jehovah’s witness cult. And yet they are going to claim that the Holy Bible has errors using cult materials?

I have 4 copies of the quran and it so dang hard to read. Christians who research islam professionally have also noticed many errors and historical inaccuracies in the quran. And yet that document is Holy and without errors?

The ‘evidence’ made by the above moslem website is the WORST example of their claims and has back fired on them.

The more I read Islamic websites articles & blogs the more I see their ‘system’ as a large cult and not from God my Father.

As for the ‘JW’ claims they are answered here:


There are also many other websites that answer Jehovah’s witness claims as well….

I look forward to see what other types of foolish claims will try to justify their poor choice of ‘evidence’ against Christianity.

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