My response to the question: “Bible truth vs adventist truth… straight talk on the dangers of Seventh-day adventism?”

question asked: 7-31-2013

Last month someone typed up the above question in my blog search.

As I thought about this question I found information online that includes other authors own versions of answers to this question.

“Bible Truth vs Adventist Truth: Straight Talk on the Dangers of Seventh-day Adventism”


“Tuesday, November 24, 2009”

“Bible Truth Versus Adventist Truth The Mark of the Beast”


“Ellen G. White and The Seventh-Day Adventists Parts 1-4”


What would my answers be to that previous question?

1 Gods Law is a Theocratic system and doesn’t fit EG White’s imaginative fictional writings.

2 Gods Law as a Theocratic system not only started with the Ten Commandments but a grand total of 613 Commandments that Moses & God expected ancient Israel to follow.

Please read from Exodus 20:1-26 to Leviticus 27:1-34.

3 With so much written about how Sabbath keepers would be saved in the book “The great controversy” the actual Sabbath was not for Christians but for Jews. It was a ‘SIGN’ between God and Israel not a seal. Please read Exodus 31:12-18

4 SDA followers put too much faith in EG Whites fictions… it is the Bible they should read and learn to be less biased against fellow Christians.

5 God is NOT offended with me not keeping the Sabbath nor basing my morality on his Theocratic law. My specific ethics & morality come from Jesus teachings and not necessarily a specific denomination.

While I am writing this post in general / simplistic terms I am trying to be truthful. Not everything that SDA followers believe and practice is something that the rest of us ‘have’ to do. EG White doesn’t speak for God and neither do her followers.

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