My response to Alyson Cohens article ‘Living an Anti Homophobic Life From One Ally to Another’

Started: 12-12-2016

Finished: 12-17-2016


The following article is one authors response to the horrors of the Orlando lgbt nightclub that was shot up due to a moslem terrorist and supposedly how to curb or stop ‘homophobia’.


“Living an Anti Homophobic Life From One Ally to Another”

“06/24/2016 06:21 pm ET “

“Alyson Cohen, LCSW Psychotherapist in NYC specialized in treating teens, families, and young adults.”



Yes I get it.

It is a horrific tragedy that happened within that property and to the lgbt-ers who were there partying. But it wasn’t ‘JUST’ a attack on the lgbt community. It was a attack against ALL Americans.

But I digress.



In her article she purposes the following items.



“1- Take the word “gay” out of your vocabulary unless you are directly referring to a person.”


“2- Avoid asking questions that are too personal or invasive upon meeting a person who is LGBT+.”


“3- Be sure to refer to people as they wish to be referred… Answers might include pronouns that might not seem obvious including, his, her, they, it, us, she, he, or them, gay, trans girl, trans boy, andro, asexual, agender, and others.”


“4- Keep your religious beliefs to yourself.”


“5- Use relationship language that is orientation-neutral and suitable for anyone regardless of the gender, orientation, or identity. Heterosexism is real, people…”



And her article ends with:


“This is just a start on how you can live an anti-homophobic life. There are many other things you can do to spread love and acceptance of LGBT+ community: attend LGBT+ and Pride events, vote against anti-LGBT+ legislation, and most importantly, stop homophobia in its tracks! If you hear someone making a homophobic or bigoted remark, remind them that it is offensive to everyone! The only way to fight hate is with love is love is love.”



Here is my response to this authors article and why I am not a lgbt-er ally.


1 I have no use for the democratic party / liberal / socialist nut jobs who are running around spewing their illogical philosophy about gay men, lesbians, bi’s, trans and other letter groups.


The whole idea behind such doctrines and philosophy is only causing un-necessary confusion and a identity that is not based on scientific evidence but liberal ideas that are based off of fictions.


We are born Male & Female.

We chose whom we will be sexual active with this is no different in that gay or lesbian community.


2 I don’t care about ‘talking’ about lgbt-ers unless I am refuting some silly doctrine or logic by one of their supporters or allies. I do such things particularly in front of my teen daughter, family members or coworkers.



3 I don’t bother looking for or talking with any lgbt-ers. They have nothing of value to say or to offer a individual such as me. Sorry they just don’t. While I live around and work with such people I have nothing to talk about with them because of their political affiliations and progay philosophy. Their views have no interest to me personally or professionally or politically.



4 Because I don’t look for nor care to affiliate myself with the progay nut jobs I don’t have any need to ask questions nor use their acronyms or slang as a form of support  because I won’t be around them in the big cities and their ‘turf’.



5 My Religious beliefs and Morality actually keep me from doing physical harm against the liberal / socialist progay nut jobs who have infested the Seattle area.


My ‘religious faith’ has provided me specific answers to the progay doctrines that are regularly published on the huffpo website and the myriad of blogs, websites, published books etc that defend progay nonsense and attack not only Christianity but God himself.


Ideally if my religious beliefs offend liberals / socialists their views including political, ideological and philosophical offend me and My Faith. So it is better for them and their lgbt allies to leave me alone.



6 My response to her last remark.


Due to the illogical basis of liberal / leftist doctrines involving so called lgbt ‘issues’ or ‘rights’ their opinons, philosophy is equally offensive, bigoted and ‘hateful’ because they are speaking of personal fetishes that are a form of false civil right. And by making the argument of ‘gay rights’ they also make the political and legal case that they have to abide by keeping my rights as a ‘homophobe’ because by trying to take away my rights they can be sued, and publically shown to be against not only AGAINST Conservative rights but also religious rights and they endanger the Constitution of the USA for illegitimate reasons and for perverse leftist philosophy that cannot be backed by evidence.


To be blunt about the subject of lgbt. I am NOT a ally of their ideology, philosophy, or their propaganda. Here is why.



*Lgbt is about control not solving problems. When people from the ‘political left’ become lgbt allies and supporters they are in actually trying to drum up more legal support and attempts to silence those of us who are in opposition to their philosophy and opinions.



*Lgbt is not about morality or ethics it is about damming a segment of the population who have religious or other opinions against lgbt choices and by labeling them ‘homophobes’ and using other derogatory terminologies they consider only their personal opinions to factual when they are actually fraudulent.



*By allying with lgbt media and lgbt authors they ignore the 40 or so years of medical evidence that have gay male sex, lesbian sex etc leads to infections and stds. The pro-lgbt media for whatever reason ignores scientific and medical opinions warning against gay sex and push for more acceptance of those fetishes.



*True love for gay people is not only reminding of them to protect themselves but also reminding them THEY are making the decisions to have sex that is gay or whatever their particular fetish is. In other words being gay, lesbian or (?) is not about a true identity but following their sexual desires.



So called ‘homophobia’ is not because of hate. But the understanding that changing the attitudes and thoughts of a entire population in the USA (or other Countries) to support so called “lgbt issues & rights” without proper scientific and other evidences is meant to enforce attitudes and opinions that has a questionable future in the USA itself.


Further more so called ‘homophobia’ is due to the accelerated changes in the USA in both the culture and society and besides these subjects such changes are frightening and causes political Conservatives and Christians to fear for their futures which can include personal lives, politics, Religious Faith and Freedoms in general.


Yes we can agree. Criminal violence against lgbt persons in the name of (False) religions, philosophy, political ideologies, etc is flat out satanic. And it is a necessity to find, arrest and prosecute ANY criminal who does such acts no matter their motives.


And yet.


It is NECESSARY to question the attitudes, motives and online / physical activities of ANY political or media organization that is lgbt or supports lgbt because if such groups and individuals won’t support the LEGAL & MORAL rights of EVERYONE in the USA then EVERYTHING related to lgbt is based off of false ideas and is meant only to control and to destroy American legal rights and the Constitution of the USA.

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