ISSUES: Christianity VS the subject of gay marriage / rights


UPDATE: January 2015: The following is my finished statement on why Christianity is against gay marriage.


Started: 2014

Ongoing: 01-2015


Liberals and the political left have no understanding to why ANYONE, religious or not have so many disagreeable discussions about gay marriage / rights. In their mentality it only makes sense that gay men and lesbians should marry, Also that those who are gender confused should have specialized rights, That morality should be gotten rid of basing their ideas on dead philosophers, all the while supporting causes that are both rebellious and dangerous completely giving themselves over to cultural suicide and not wisdom.


Now that I’m done with my rant…



Let’s answer one of many specific questions.


“Why are Christians specifically against gay marriage?”


Christianity, despite it’s human followers flaws has promoted morality, self restraint, and more for two thousand years. The teachings of both Jesus and the Disciples combined gave specific doctrines to be followed in regard to singleness and marriage within that Faith.



In this series of ON GOING posts, ideas, doctrine, I will provide specific reasons / opinions in a attempt to show why many (not all) Christians donot / should not support gay marriage / rights. I make NO attempt at speaking for all Christians. I recognize that many well meaning Christians do believe that gays are mistreated and deserve specialized rights including marriage. However those that profess such ideology do so out of liberalism and man made philosophies that go against Jesus teaching that we find in the Holy Bible.


The following statements are my own ideas on why Christians donot believe nor should assist in cultural and societal suicide as practiced by the political left and so called ‘progressive christians’.


My present reasons / opinions for not accepting nor participating in gay marriage or gay rights:



1 The Teachings of Jesus DONOT defend OR propagate sexual immorality of any sort… Jesus required his followers to abstain from lusts and sexual immorality.



2 The Teachings of Jesus defended Male + Female marriage particularly against divorce during the era of the Romans and are still useful within the twenty first century.



3 Teachings of the Disciples defended Male + Female marriage and fought against the various sexual fornications that plagued the early church…



4 The MODERN concept of gay men or lesbians as a ‘community’ did not exist during the lifetime of either Jesus or the disciples. This means that there were no ‘lesbian’ or ‘gay’ Christians there were only those persons in immoral lifestyles known as sodomy, sodomites and other negative wording for those types of sexual fornications.


All types of sexual deviancy would have been preached against.


There is no known ethnic group, biological group or cultural group that was separately known for sodomy or lesbianism as a community, society or civilization. In other words there has never been a politically protected community for sodomites or lesbians within the worlds history until now.



5 Gay marriage / rights are a modern concept dreamed up by pro gay propagandists from various American cities. The basic premise is not to promote morality or even monogamous relationships within the gay community but to tear down morality, marriage and force all Americans to accept the gay lifestyle as equal to their own. This empty theory backed by liberals and the political left has no evidence to back up any progay claims to protect marriage, families or any other building blocks of civilized society worldwide.



6 Because of this politicalized ‘movement’ their demands, threats in changing and abusing the US Legal system are forcing business, employers, the US Government to accept a mere theory and not facts or evidence they are correct in their assumptions. I am of course referring to the many lawsuits brought forth by gay couples and their lawyers against multiple businesses (Christian or not), Government lawmakers and many others for not accepting their lifestyle choices or providing services according to the poorly written non discrimination laws that exist in all 50 American states.



7 Attacking the Christian Faith.


Due to a influx of questionable philosophy, doctrines, and demands by pro gay propagandists to coerce or forcibly ‘convert’ Christians and Christianity to so called ‘progressive / liberal’ ideologies that insist gay men and lesbians can be good Christians and also be in supposedly committed romantic relationships. We as individuals have had to review and refute all philosophies and doctrines taught by liberal apostates.


The Doctrines of both Jesus and the Disciples NEVER taught that sodomy or lesbianism were propagated, blessed or equal to married sexuality among men and women.


To insist that the Bible is wrong and that God is either wrong or has suddenly decided to bless gay or lesbian sexuality is not only insulting but spiritual and morally wrong. To argue for progay causes means to go against both God and 2000 years of Church history.



8 To be against gay marriage and gay rights is to be a conservative rebel. A non conformist who actively questions the ideology and philosophy of the liberals, political left and others who insist that gay marriage and gay rights ‘is good for America;’ but can provide no good historical or other proofs / evidences to back up their statements.



9 Other possible reasons not covered by either gay male authors, lesbian authors and the political left…


  1. a) Medical websites and documentation donot support unprotected sodomy or lesbian sex acts. Even if the participants are in monogamous relationships. Every medical website warns of stds and other health problems due to sodomy, fisting and other sex acts.


  1. b) High divorce rates among gay men. If gay marriage is supposed to pacify and provide some type of morality in that ‘community’ than why the high divorce rates?



  1. c) Children.


While the subject of parenting has seemingly been covered by progay media it is still unfair and questionable to raise a son or daughter without his or her mother or father. Children need both parents in their lives in order to help them grow into normal, fruitful adults.



  1. d) Getting rid of marriage:


A interesting and scary theory / philosophy written on leftist websites is the idea of getting rid of marriage all together and in that way to ‘free’ all Americans from that system. I will deal with this subject and my proofs about my accusation at a later date on my blog.



10 NO earthly government in the history of thus planet has ever planned, provided, or sanctioned gay marriage through legal means or religious means. Why should we do so now?






American society, culture and civilization is decidedly NON Christian nowadays. I would be certainly deceived to consider that America as it presently stands  is a “Christian nation”. While Christians had a significant leadership role into making America great in the past. Our modern present is obviously secular and void of any Christian or religious morality.



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