Why I’m a “homophobe”…


Started: 9-10-15

Finished: 7-3-2016



A question that is NEVER asked on my blog is; “Why are you a homophobe?”


Well here is my answer.


Over the many years of being alive I have had either gay classmates or co-workers in various places in Washington State. These individuals included gay men or lesbians. As I dealt with these individuals on a daily basis I did not mistreat nor think badly about any of them. Why? Because they gave me no reason to say or do anything against them.


Here’s why I became a ‘homophobe’…


As I previously mentioned… being around gay men and lesbians didn’t create a un-needed or unwanted fear of such persons. My ‘homophobia started because…


1 Propaganda:


My ‘fear’ became reality when liberals and the political left started indoctrinating the whole of America into thinking that gay men and lesbians and others deserved marriage and new rights without specific evidences how these ideas and changes would effect everyone else.


It seems whenever I open up the yahoo webpage there is almost always something new written up by a lgbt author or ally bad mouthing Political Conservatives & Christians.


And yet the philosophy is not one of historical or biological evidence of a mistreated lgbt ‘race’ or ‘gender’ but simply opinions and heresy written as ‘fact’ by multiple people.



2 DEMANDING changes within religious groups, Churches, religious Doctrines and more…



The many leftist online media started creating illogical doctrines supposedly by Christians, Jews, cults and many others all ‘affirming’ progay philosophy. This of course made me re-evaluate the Bible at first and once I realized that their claims were not based on Biblical concepts and Doctrines I had to reject such teachings and label them heretics based on what they wrote and what the Christian Bible says.


For we as Christians, Jesus and the Disciples have the only logical say within our groups or Churches and nothing the progay allies and those who a heretical ‘gay’ christians can change that. Those who support such ideas / doctrines are endangering their souls and blaspheming Father, Son & Holy Spirit.



3 IGNORING the medical evidence against living as lgbt.


I’ve noted that many lgbt authors who are the ‘sweethearts’ of the leftist / progressive media always ignore the medical evidence of stds, Aids-HIV.


WHY is that? Because they don’t want to be responsible for their choices.


They don’t want people to consider that they as a secular ‘group’ are unhealthy and that their unprotected fornication’s can lead to disease and stds.


They don’t want to make their ‘protected group’ look bad in the media or in the political arena when they are shown to be liars and faking evidence in attempts to silence those who oppose their philosophy and secular doctrines.


4 Unwilling to leave people alone:


Because of the media hype, not only in the internet but in published newspapers, TV, radio etc… Can be disheartening because it seems that Americans are gay crazy because of media propaganda.


As for myself I remember the gay classmates I was around, who eventually died of cancer, HIV-Aids and I remember that their demise wasn’t because of ‘homophobia’ but their choices with whom they had oral or anal sex with.


I regularly gather Intel about HIV-Aids research and the ugly realization that lgbt are not stopping infections within their ‘group’ but it slowly increases not only HIV but other stds and due to this evidence it is clear to me that they are using stds as a weapon to spread not information but misinformation on their sexual decisions and fornication’s.


In other words I continually educate myself on the “whys” lgbt-ers are not safe or sane as a ‘group of people’ due to what they ‘preach’, say and do.



Just a few days ago Seattle WA had it’s own “pride parade”. A gathering of lgbt-ers and their allies from all around Washington State who clogged the streets with traffic and the media with their overly hyped event.


I, unfortunately was stuck in the traffic and chaos of that ‘festival’. I looked around me sadly realizing how far Seattle had fallen and also how far America had fallen into a lie. A philosophical trap created not for Americas benefit but a act of psychological warfare against everyone who disagrees with the lgbt doctrines and illogical claims.


The many leftist trolls and lgbt-ers and similar allies can rightfully call me names like “Homophobe”, “Hetero-Fascist”. And it is a title I laugh at, Because I wasn’t this way in my youth.


And I got their jist. I am against their ‘normal’ the leftist / liberal ‘politically correct’ drivel that inhabits their websites & media.


And yet when I read up on the lives they screw up and the lies that they consider ‘truth’. The more I laugh at their ‘heterophobia’, ‘Christianphobia’ and their xenophobia for all those who dare speak against their media and their public displays of weirdness.


Yes. I can agree I am a “homophobe”.


I am one man, a person who has noticed their weaknesses and I continue to educate myself and those around me on the “WHY’S” progay media, lgbt-ers and their collective allies are in the wrong.


The lgbt concepts and doctrines will eventually fail and fade. Perhaps not during my lifetime. But as long as information surfaces that disproves lgbt doctrines as a farce & fake.


We ‘homophobes’, Guardians of actual Truth will be victorious and America will be better with those future changes.

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