Was Anders Behring Breivik a Christian?

Was Anders Behring Breivik a Christian?

When I first heard of this horrific story from Europe I was convinced at first it was another Islamic attack. As the investigation of this madman’s crimes in Norway was broadcast into the world wide internet media. I quickly learned that the liberal media labeled this madman a “Christian extremist”.

But what is their proof?

He did not blog his Faith or political ideology.


No one online has found the specific Church, Pastor or Minister that gave him the ideas for these criminal horrors.


And his actions even go against Jesus teachings about violence.

In other words the American media in order to protect various leftist and political groups it associates with decided to label him a “Christian” but did so without adequate proof.

In order to gather further evidence of his beliefs I obtained a copy of his SUPPOSED online manifesto and found the following evidence AGAINST Western media claims of his so called “Christian” faith. In these paragraphs we learn the extent of his ideology and ‘faith’. If you call it that…


Protecting ones race: Page 1155

“3.106 Creating patriotic youth movements in phase 1 (1237)”

“We shouldn’t fight racism with racism but instead strive to gain the moral high ground. In order to maintain our moral and ideological justification (for our ongoing fight to liberate Europe from cultural Marxism/multiculturalism) it is required that we reject and distance ourselves from ALL 4 hate-ideologies:”

“1. National Socialism (anti-Jewish hate ideology, racist in nature)”

“2. Islam (anti-Kafr hate ideology, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists etc)”

“3. Communism (anti-individualism, anti-freedom)”

“4. Multiculturalism (anti-European hate ideology, anti-white racism).”

“A multiculturalist is just as bad as a Nazi, which again is just as bad as a true Muslim, a communist or a fascist. We should and must strive to distance ourselves from all four ideologies. By doing this we will gain the support of the masses and not end up as a marginalised and excessively demonised insignificant organisation.”

“The problem arises as everyone who criticises Islam or multiculturalism, the cultural conservatives, are automatically labelled by MSM and the Western European multiculturalist governments as fascists, racists and Nazis. Do we accept their premise, the cultural Marxist labelling techniques? Ofc we don’t and we shouldn’t do their dirty work for them by labelling fellow patriots. 90% of the individuals who uses Neonazi/fascist symbols are not real national socialists. They are only extremely frustrated individuals who have been demonised and ridiculed for too long by the establishment. They do not need to be demonised further by us, they need an alternative patriotic movement which strives to defeat all forms of hate and racism (multiculturalismincluded), instead of fighting hate (multiculturalism) with more hate (Nazism).”


The use of the Knights Templar (812)

3.148 Pope Urban II and Pope Innocent III granted indulgence to all future Crusaders (martyrs of the Church) 1324

3.139 Distinguishing between cultural Christendom and religious Christendom –reforming our suicidal Church 1307

“A majority of so called agnostics and atheists in Europe are cultural conservative Christians without even knowing it. So what is the difference between cultural Christians and religious Christians?”


“If you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and God then you are a religious Christian. Myself and many more like me do not necessarily have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and God. We do however believe in Christianity as a cultural, social, identity and moral platform. This makes us Christian.”


The pacifist/suicidal Christians must never be allowed to dominate the church again which one of the reasons why I personally believe that the protestant Church in Europe should once again should reform to become Catholic (Nordic countries, the UK, Germany, Benelux etc). Re-introduction of cultural and Church aspects relating to honour should bethe core of our objective when reforming the Church. My hope is that the futurenationalist leadership in Western European countries will agree. At the very least, wemust support the conservative, anti-pacifist cultural Christian leaders and ensure thatthey are able to influence the European churches. There must however be cleardistinctions. The Church must not put any limits whatsoever on issues relating to science, research and development.Europewill continue to be the world’s center for research and development in all areas, strengthened by a predictable and “unchangeable” cultural framework. This again will considerably strengthen European and societal cohesion and therefore contribute to sustainable societies where harmony, progress, freedom and the furtherance of mankind are the primary civilisational pillars.”


A copy of Breiviks online book / manifesto can be found here:



As I have attempted to show. These manifesto evidences I have included prove  that Brivik’s crimes had  nothing to do with modern Christianity but came from a  mentally sick, twisted individual who was willing to use ANY Philosophy or Ideology to justifying murdering his fellow Norwegians.

I am not alone in my objections and distain for Western media attempting to use the term “Christian” or “Right wing” label to justify his stupidity.

Is the Oslo Gunman Really Right-Wing?

Posted on July 23, 2011 at 1:25pm by  Jonathon M. Seidl


Breivik’s utter distain for both the Christian church and Jesus teaching DONOT make him Christian or even religious he is a lying, criminal fool!

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