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Started: 01 01 2020

Finished: 8 26 2020


The article:


“Where in the Bible does it say you cant be transgender, Nowhere.”

“By Eliel Cruz  August 26 2019 at 6:00 AM”



In keeping with lgbt claims from the above author. I read through not only this authors article but several more where he insists we Christians are somehow not being ‘loving’ to a community who in reality donot believe in God nor care what our Bible thinks or says about sin in general.


This articles author claims to be a SDA (Seventh day Adventist) Christian and yet is bisexual. This is not only a laughable combination but is in reality a snarky thumb nosing at the very God who hates lgbt propaganda and lies and the society fabrication to normalize sodomy, fellatio and other sexual fetishes as good.


But I digress.


Let’s look at terminology first.


Where is ‘trans’ in the Christian Bible?


I am of course meaning the definitions that have been created by the lgbt propagandists that exist online.


The term ‘trans’ that lgbt persons agree about are like:







The closest term to ‘Trans’ in the Holy Bible is:


Transgression, Transgressions


And yet little evidences like that donot fit the lgbt propaganda. Allow me to demonstrate.


Towards the end of his rant he says the following:


“In the absence of any verses in scripture that actually address transgender identities, many Christians who claim to have religious objections against trans identities point to creation: God created Adam and Eve, male and female. But again, this requires a certain laziness in interpretation and is not consistent with the way that Christians interpret the rest of the Genesis account.”


“Genesis 1:27 says: “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” It’s this interpretation of “and” between male and female that creates a foundation for understanding gender to be binary. But the “and” isn’t meant to be binary.”


“Genesis 1:1 says: “God created the heavens and the earth.” In reading this verse, Christians interpret that God created not just the sky and the ground but everything in between. The “and” encompasses a spectrum by pointing to the two ends of the spectrum. Similarly, scripture says God is the “alpha and omega,” the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. That’s not meant to say God is just those two letters. God is the entire alphabet, from alpha to omega and everything in between. Throughout scripture, Christians acknowledge that “and” represents a spectrum, not a binary.”


“An anti-trans understanding of the Genesis story also lacks context. Gender and sex are different things. They don’t always align, and neither is binary. The biological reality of intersex individuals is a testament to that. The biological and psychological reality of transgender and intersex individuals needs to be the context in which Christians read scripture.”


“After losing the marriage equality fight, the religious right has turned to fighting against LGBT civil rights in the court system, in the form of religious freedom lawsuits. In consequence, religious freedom has become synonymous with anti-LGBT beliefs, instead of advocacy of religious minorities to practice their beliefs without government interference.”


“This erosion of the concept of religious freedom is particularly concerning when individuals claim religious freedom to discriminate against LGBT people, while lacking even a strong theological backing. Religious freedom must defend true belief – not bias or hatred that’s found nowhere in our holy texts.”



The specific reality is that God doesn’t make people gay, trans, lesbian etc. He makes male and female. It is our choices that make us gay, lesbian, straight etc. In saying that… Why are Christians, Conservatives and others upset, angry, towards the lgbt? And specifically the trans?


Perhaps we look up some specific examples that are news stories.



“Women warned you: Yaniv’s human rights case is the inevitable result of gender identity ideology”

“Women warned the media, politicians, activists, and the public about the repercussions of gender identity ideology and legislation, and now that those repercussions are being played out in real time, those warned remain silent.”

“July 18, 2019 by Meghan Murphy”


Women warned you: Yaniv’s human rights case is the inevitable result of gender identity ideology


“If You Believe Trans Ideology, Forcing Women To Wax Men’s Genitals Is Logical”

“You can’t write out a clear statement about why Jessica Yaniv is wrong without some recognition, no matter how indirect, of his male sex. That’s the point, and it always was.”

“By Natasha Chart August 9, 2019”




“Trans woman attacked 3 strangers with an axe after being shamed by her date”

“Before the attack, she wrote her transphobic date, “One day I’m going to kill a lot of people… For hating something so innocent.”

“By Daniel Villarreal Friday, July 26, 2019”



“Transgender Wyoming woman convicted of sexually assaulting 10-year-old girl in bathroom”

“Sex Crimes”

“Published October 19, 2017”

“Last Update October 20, 2017”–year-old/article_cb08fed5-d893-5699-adda-427f9a57a1d1.html





“Trans hate crime near Seattle? No. She was the aggressor”

“By Jason Rantz December 20, 2019 at 2:30 pm”


Rantz: Trans hate crime near Seattle? No. She was the aggressor



And yet it is we Christians / conservatives that are homophobes, transphobes?


However lets be honest there are A LOT of news stories about ‘trans women’ being attacked and killed by multiple races, ideological groups and so forth. There is no denying that. It is a foolish lie to insist that Christians have anything to do with those crimes and the legal conclusions of those choices.


The REAL reason Christians aren’t fond of the lgbt is not because of people. It’s the philosophy and demands they make.


Too bad he doesn’t realize that.


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