My response to Khalid Amayreh’s post “I HATE AMERICA”

While I was online tonight (3-10-2009) I came across this rant / propaganda by a Palestinian journalist…


“Why I hate America ?”

“Published Date: 9/12/2006 5:11:00 AM”

“Khalid Amayreh”


Instead of letting him publish his propaganda on my blog. Allow me to use the following websites to counter his propaganda and later my comments.

The following fatwas are islamic legal rulings on what muslims want for the WHOLE of Israel.

“The Sacred Duty of Defending Jerusalem”


“Palestine: Is It the Jews’ Promised Land?”


“The Jews and the Promised Land”


“Jews Have No Legitimate Claim to Al-Buraq Wall”


“Palestine: Its Significance for Muslims”


“What is the significance and importance of Jerusalem to both Christians and Jews?”


The below website link shows all the things Palestinians teach their kids….


Let’s not forget the Hamas Charter:

Now you can continue your fantasy Mr Amayreh and blame America, the US Military, IDF and Israel etc.

But WHY aren’t you blaming your fellow muslims in the Mujahedeen, Jihadists and those in the varied Islamic Movements who are the REAL REASON for the Palestinians to suffer and resort to violence?

After all isn’t it Hamas and other groups that fire their weapons at Israel’s HOPEING for attacks that kill Palestinians? Isn’t it Palestinans that kill each other because they aren’t Islamic enough.

America isn’t your problem.

Islam is…

Islam as a system wants to TAKE OVER the entire world. I’m sure you’ve heard that before from your favorite Imams or other teachers in Islam. But for what?

To commit mass murder, mass rape, mass thievery against non muslims including Atheists, Christians, Jews, Americans, Israelis, Europeans, Filipinos, and everyone else too numerous to list here.

I don’t hate you as a muslim or a man Mr.  Amayreh…

That’s right… I as a American, EX US Marine don’t hate you.

But I DO HATE those who use Jihad to attack my Country, My lifestyle, My Religious Beliefs in order to push a failed system upon me and those whom I love.

Until you do some soul searching and question the use of violence in your religion / system. You can continue in your foolish hatreds and become another mujahedeen with a future in the grave.

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