Questions from visitors about the paranormal.

Started: 12-30-2016



The following items are a series of questions I have received from as far back as 2012 to 2016.

This will be a ongoing collection of questions that I will be answering and posting as time allows me.


Here are the questions and my responses.




“Is ghost hunting dangerous?”

Asked: 8-28-2015

Answered: 12-30-2016


As I was checking my blog I found the following question typed into its search engine…


“i am a christian. is ghost hunting dangerous?”


Well, Here is my response.


‘ghost hunting’ is dangerous for the following reasons.


1 The environment of the location can be dangerous. Old buildings can have all sorts of chemical contaminants like asbestos that is made for fire suppression. Old buildings can also be unsafe due to the structure falling apart / rotting.


2 The land the building or location is on is likely owned by a person or company that DOES NOT want your intrusion or investigation. To put it bluntly IF you are caught trespassing you can be arrested, jailed, fined etc.


3 Locations that are abandoned, damaged, vandalized can have almost ANYONE be living in or around that location. This INCLUDES criminals, mentally ill persons and others you might now want to run into.


4 Ruined / isolated locations or properties can be used for occult rituals that can be part of a variety of known or unknown occult religions. They may or may not be using rituals that include human or animal, bones and other biohazard materials (Blood, Sperm, Other remains). As you may know there are plenty of ghost stories that have witnesses who found occult items or ritual environments that brought satanic spirits to that location and because of those spirits that location is ‘haunted’. These stories can be found on youtube and other online sources.


Thanks for your questions.




“Is attending ghost hunting sessions dangerous?”

Asked: 9-10-2014

Answered: 12-30-2016


“church – is attending ghost hunting sessions dangerous?”


Possibly. It depends on what you are trying to do. IF you are using occult items like a Ouija boards or other items that are supposed to contact the ‘spirit world’ you may or may not contact the demonic.


just be careful.





“Are Christians support to believe in ghosts?”

Asked: Oct 10 2015

Answered: 12-30-2016


“are christians supposed to believe in ghosts?”


No. The idea of a ‘ghost’ is supposed to mean about a dead persons soul. Jesus didn’t use those terms when describing his future Kingdom.




“should christians watch ghost hunters?”

Asked: 12-5-2014

Answered: 12-30-2016


Watching any of the ‘ghost hunter, ghost adventures, paranormal state, paranormal lockdown – etc’. Is dependent on your opinion.


Allow me to give you a example.


“Does this show talk about God & Jesus in a good light?”

IF NO then it isn’t worth your time.


Jesus didn’t ‘hunt’ ghosts or interview them. He got rid of the demonic spirits who claimed power of those who were possessed by them.




“Would Jesus hunt ghosts?”

Asked: 10-23-2012

Answered: 12-30-2016



I find it very humorous that people want to take Jesus who lived 2000 years ago and try to make him into a modern character. But I digress.


Jesus as both Jewish man & God didn’t ‘hunt’ for ghosts. He got rid of the demonic or ‘spirits’ by casting them out. A power that he gave the Disciples and us.




‘Question from a visitor Does evp work near Ouija board?’



Todays question: “does evp work near ouija board?”

Asked: 10-3-2016

Answered: 12-30-2016



I wouldn’t know. I don’t mess with either.

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