My response to the article: ‘Quran Is Not for Muslims’

Started: Nov 2014

Finished: June 20 2015



Last year this article appeared:



“Quran Is Not for Muslims”

“Mike Ghouse Speaker, thinker, writer, pluralist, activist”

“Posted:  11/19/2014 4:23 pm EST    Updated:  4 hours ago”



In light of the horrors of jihadi islam in multiple countries that are featured on our daily news channels articles such as this only demonstrate the false religion that muhammad created approximately 1200 years ago.


Of course most liberal moslems reject such doctrines and yet such ideas still float in the minds of ‘maligned’ moslems all over the world.



How funny that moslems totally forget that allah rejects Christians and Jews.


How funny that moslems forget that islam is not a mere religion but a theocratic system responsible for ancient and modern warfare horrors.


How funny that moslems reject Jesus being God but only consider him a ‘prophet’…


How funny they uphold the flawed ideology, morality of muhammad who is well known for his murders, rapes, and criminality that is spoken in such moslem documents as the hadiths.


How funny that women are ‘protected’ property under the islamic system and the Western rights that American, Canadian, European women donot exist in islam.


How interesting that the quran itself calls Jews ‘pigs & apes’.


How funny that ideas such as liberalism, humanism, atheism, anti-theism, donot exist in islamic controlled areas.


How funny that the Western protected… gay men & lesbians are mistreated, jailed, beaten, tortured and murdered under islamic governments.



The quran, hadiths and other islamic doctrines / documents are not from Ilah but men. Men who used other religious systems to create a arab supremacy not merely in Arabia but all over the world where moslems ruthlessly converted those native populations under islam by criminality, warfare and false doctrines.


And so far nothing has changed… isalm is not a blessing but a curse upon all of mankind no matter what it’s propagandists say.

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