More leftist stupidity Wear a Hijab Day in response to 2010s ‘burn the quran day’

More leftist stupidity Wear a Hijab Day

In response to 2010 ‘burn the quran day’ on youtube and elsewhere. A leftist ally and muslima posted the following.

“Wear a Hijab Day”


“Join us! If you are also horrified by the recent outrageous fear mongering of the right wing against American Muslims then here is a way to push back. I am not a Muslim but I plan to wear the hijab on 9/11 as a gesture to American Muslims that they are full citizens of this country and deserve the same rights as the rest of us. Concerned men might wear skull caps in solidarity with us women.”




“From Muslimah: There are good people out there that are looking for peace and not hate. We might find a large number of people who are against Islam and believes that we are the terrorists and this religion is only about hate. Yet, if they just give themselves the time to read and understand about Islam, I ‘m sure that all these misconceptions will be solved. May Allah take them to the right path Ameen.”

Here is my response to this foolishness.

1 Non muslims are not doing themselves any favors by ‘dressing as a muslim / muslima’ to try to ‘combat’ atheistic hatred of islam. They are only acting as mimics and ‘islams useful idiots’ to a system that prefers their deaths or conversions.

2 Even if moslems migrate to Western countries. As long as they prefer the Islamic system to Western Governmental systems. They should never be considered to be allies but potential enemies.

3 I can concur that ‘buring a quran’ day is undesirable and hateful. And yet inAmericawe have the right to show our distain and anger towards ANY religion or religious system that has attacked us and killed our people or damaged our property. Even if such legal acts are deemed hurtful and irresponsible by many others.

To conclude in brief.

I also concur that we should PROTECT moslems according to our own laws with their persons, purchased properties and more. But NOT in order to appease moslems or their system and certainly NOT to support islam as a system.


Islams Useful Idiots     

Monday, 07 August 2006

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