Question “Question Are evp in the Bible?”

Asked: 7-25-2015

Answered: 8-11-2015



A unusual question typed into my blog search engine is:


“Are evp in the Bible?”



Here is my answer.



EVP known as “Electronic Voice Phenomenon” is a modern audio oddity that requires a battery powered audio recorder or other audio equipment to record or catch the supposed voices of the ‘dead’ in a specific ‘haunted’ location.


Theories abound in ‘ghost hunting’ groups or individuals on what those sounds are and how we record them.


Within the Holy Bible particularly from Matthew to Revelation we donot have specific scriptures on recorded conversations between Jesus or the Disciples interviewing ‘ghosts’. They instead of questioning spirits cast them out.


Scripture Examples:


Matthew 8:14-17

Matthew 8:28-34

Mark 5:1-20


IF you are a Christian whom do you believe? Ghost hunters? or Jesus?

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