Sunday Worship Versus Saturday Sabbath Worship?

Started: Jan 2012, Finished: July 2012

My Opinion

The arguments over Sunday VS Saturday Sabbath are meaningless. Yes that’s right I said MEANINGLESS!

God is NOT offended with me keeping Sunday as my day of rest and worship!

NEITHER IS GOD OFFENDED with keeping Saturday Sabbath as a Sabbath keepers day of rest or Worship!

The arguments and counter arguments are proving what exactly? It is not God that is offended with our weekend worship or weekday worship. Our worship is directed towards HIM & Jesus Christ!

The problem comes from people. YES THAT’S RIGHT! PEOPLE…

People like Ellen G White, Other Theonomists, False Christian Judaizers who make absurd claims about Gods Israeli Sabbath as a moral doctrine, Salvation by Sabbath or similar claims online or in book publishing that have caused a satanic rift in Christianity!

In my many travels and Church rests I have felt the Holy Spirit in Sabbath keeping Churches as well as Sunday keeping churches! How is that possible? Because both groups are worshipping our Lord Jesus and not the day.

When we as Christian are united in the purpose of Worship we are in Spiritual Agreement that Jesus is more important than our MANY differences. As we Worship Jesus we are worshipping our God with our Spirits, Minds on either day we as Christians stand against those subjects that divide us.

It is only that Worship that UNIFIES we Christians and not the opinions, doctrines, theology etc, that divide us.

May it be our Worship of Jesus Christ on Saturday or Sunday that UNIFIES, STRENGTHENS Christians all over the world!

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