Question: What should the punishment be for “homophobes”?

May 31, 2014



Periodically I like to read the comments from several online liberal media outlets who author and publish  posts / articles, bad mouthing Conservatives and Christians and somehow desiring to punish multiple millions of ‘homophobes’ with ghoulishly, vicious punishments for not falling in line with their brainwashed idiocy.


Now if liberalism and leftist political ideology is somehow an neo-theocratic system should they enforce punishments on those of us who see past their lies?




Such as:



+The loss of ‘tax exempt’ status on all Churches or religions within the USA that donot support gay rights / gay marriage?


+The loss of individual and political rights afforded to all Americans simply because they spoke out against gay rights and gay marriage OR gave money to support anti gay causes?


+The loss of employment, finances, home, family, for speaking out against gay marriage and gay rights OR gave money to anti gay causes?






+gay rape?


+murder, execution?





If militant liberals agree to such evils. Wouldn’t that make them modern nazis or some other deviant group of satanic numbskulls?



Some think it should happen.



“The Terms of Our Surrender”

“Sunday Review | Op-Ed Columnist “

“MARCH 1, 2014, Ross Douthat”




While others recognize such illegal activities would be damning to their cause.



“Do Gay Rights Trump Religion?”

“New Intolerance Runs Roughshod Over Objectors”

“Same-sex Marriage”






Are those in the political left so stupid and arrogant to think that millions of us who are ‘redneck’, Conservative, Christian, or any other philosophical group that doesn’t think as they do are willing to ‘roll over and die’ so easily?


What would such a scenario produce in the USA in particular?


Here are just a few examples. And no, despite my numbering them there is no particular order to what individuals and groups would do for in their anger or defense.












Here is my point. For liberals to take away Conservative Liberty, Rights, Freedoms, does not make them hero’s. It makes them just another enemy, an enemy to everyone. Their utter illogical promotion of ‘gay rights / gay marriage’ without any historical, scientific, and moral evidence that prompting such activities would benefit society and their total disinterest in reading what gay organizations are actually promoting within their own ‘community’ to force cultural and societal changes not only in America but the entire world only proves to me that liberals are on the path of self suicide and by doing so their are entirely insane not worthy of any political power either in the USA or Canada.



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