Will American Christianity die off?

Started: 12-26-2015

Finished: 7-4-2018


As a political Conservative and Christian I pay attention to the leftist media and their various authors.


Recent articles that show up online ask…


“The Religious Right Is Right to Be Scared Christianity Is Dying in America”

“Jay Michaelson “

“The Devil You Know”

“12.26.1512:15 AM ET”






“Can We Please Get God Out of Religion?”

“Barrett Holmes Pitner”

“Heaven Can Wait”

“05.24.1512:01 AM ET”





“Christianity Declines Sharply in US Agnostics Growing: Pew”

“By Melanie Batley   |    Tuesday, 12 May 2015 07:43 AM”




“Christianity faces sharp decline as Americans are becoming even less affiliated with religion”

“Acts of Faith”

“By Sarah Pulliam Bailey May 12 2015”





“Christians drop, ‘nones’ soar in new religion portrait”

“Cathy Lynn Grossman, Religion News Service 6:53 p.m. EDT May 12, 2015”




“Churches Could Fill Their Pews With Millennials If They Just Did This”

“Christian Chiakulas Writer and musician from Chicago”

“Posted:  09/30/2015 12:18 pm EDT    Updated:  4 hours ago”




And there’s always more articles online.


“Is Christianity in America doomed?”

“Damon Linker Opinion”

“May 15, 2015”





“Christians are leaving the faith in droves and the trend isn’t slowing down”

“Tue, Apr 28, 2015, 6:48pm EDT – US Markets are closed”

“Business Insider”

“By Matthew Speiser  5 hours ago”






“If Christianity is Dying in America Why?”

 “John W. Traphagan Professor of Religious Studies and Human Dimensions of Organizations, University of Texas, Austin”

“Posted:  12/11/2015 2:34 pm EST    Updated:  12/11/2015 2:59 pm EST  “






As far as I am concerned American Christianity is shrinking. But it isn’t an end. Here’s why.



1 We Christians do not rely on fancy ‘pew’ responses or data collected by email or telephone calls. We rely on the amount of hurting people coming through our Church doors and those who access our Doctrines’ online or elsewhere.



2 We don’t rely on the worlds opinions. We rely on our testimony and how we help those who have needs we can assist with.



3 We rely on Prayer and our Worship of God to seek his will for ourselves and the Church.



4 Church’s can shrink due to the propaganda of our enemies. And yet we will still spread the story about Jesus to the world and as God wills we will still win.



5 We. As American Christians still know the end of the book. Jesus wins! The doctrines’ of this world will burn and it’s leader satan will be eventually destroyed.



No. We as aren’t done here. We still have work to do and we still have a responsibility to spread the Commandments of Jesus to not only America but the world.

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