A Christian refutation to richard rives dvd “hath god said?”

Started: Feb 2014

Finished: 4-1-2014





If YOU CANNOT Stand the opinions and research of a Christian such as myself please avoid this post!


I AM NOT a Minister, Reverend, OR Educated from a specific college I am only a amateur Christian apologeticst that is opinionated and fighting for what I perceive to be Biblical Christianity.


I AM NOT a ‘agent’ of the catholic church or any other deviant group. I am simply a Christian that found Truths that differ from the teachings of rives and other sabbath keeper groups like seventh day adventists and other movements known or unknown.



In 2009 I was introduced to the ideas and doctrines of richard rives by one of the people in his offices through a comment left behind on a specific post. Since then… I have forced myself to research the boring and amateurish ‘doctrine’ of richard rives a so called teacher and publisher of multiple videos and published ‘works’ that are for sale off of his website.


Due to the influx of interested persons about his teaching and whether or not his claims are true. I… as only one Christian blogger have undertaken a long study to refute rives claims not because I desire to be a enemy to those whom support him or to needlessly attack a man who no doubt BELIEVES he is a Christian and yet his doctrines and philosophy presently donot support the teachings of Christ or the Disciples in the Holy Bible.


It is with a great deal of grief I must publically call into question rives claims and label his teachings as un-Christian.


I base my conclusions on the following information from his dvd and other resources he authored.



1 rives PLAINLY tells his readers in his books and on his dvd that he used encyclopedias & dictionaries as his source information to construct his theories.




2 His theories are in reality taken from various authors including atheists like Edward Gibbon who authored of “Decline of the roman empire”.



3 rives bases his theories on ‘eisegesis’ or opinion and not credible evidence that indicates that his claims are true.



Now that I’ve said that let’s deal with rives dvd. Rives in brief covers the following subjects:



1 Christian Traditions are pagan… Examples. Christmas, Easter, Sunday services…


2 Christians have a responsibility to keep the Ten Commandments…


3 Educated Theologians and religious leaders “KNOW” about the so-called paganism in Christianity but refuse to talk about them…


4 ‘TRUE’ Christians according to rives were nazoreans (Nazarenes)…



My objections to his theories / eisegesis:



1 Christian traditions / culture are or were meant to bring Christians together as a community in shared beliefs about Jesus. This means that man made celebrations / traditions were created not to mirror unbelievers celebrations but to bring ourselves and those who seek God into something new and better. Yes we can agree that the catholic church is GUILTY for using dates and celebrations related to the pagans around them during the earliest part of the Christian church but the intent was not to worship pagan gods or goddesses but to use those celebrations as a way to call out to non believers around the early catholics in those days,


AS modern Christians we still celebrate dates not as doctrine or trying to be ‘sycretist’ by adopting false gods or goddesses but the use of traditions marking the passing of time or seasons.


While rives bad mouths those of us who donot keep in step with his judaizing philosophy he has ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE to prove from the Bible that we are to keep Jewish celebrations and traditions.


Sunday vs. Sabbath:

Over many years I have undergone long study periods about the subject of which day God allows Christians to meet on. In doing these studies I have come to a responsible truth that will challenge most persons. God doesn’t require one day over another. Saturday Sabbath is not COMMANDED as a sole day of rest or worship by Jesus or the Disciples. And Sunday is not COMMANDED to be the sole day of rest or Worship. Christians must pick a specific day to worship God on. PLEASE look at my blog for specific studies on this subject.



2 Who are the Ten Commandments for? And are Christians supposed to ‘keep’ them as rives perceives?



Any good student of the Bible knows that the Ten Commandments were not for Gentiles but Israel or Jews. How do we know this? Please read Exodus 20:1-17.


Why does this matter?



Law of God. Law of Moses.


A) The Theocratic Law of Moses is 613 Commandments. In Jewish Law all were kept by Israel this means they kept not only the Ten Commandments but all of that law. Nothing was separated into specific fractions.


Those who use ‘transference theology’ or the philosophy of separating the Ten Commandments from the rest of the Law of Moses are in reality law breakers because they donot keep the whole of the law.



James 2:10 King James Version (KJV) For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.



B) The Law of Moses was for Israel. We as Gentiles and Christians are not under the Theocratic Law.


Exodus 20:1-26 to Leviticus 27:1-34



C)  Jesus taught that only 2 of the Law of Moses were important. Gospel PROOFS:


Matthew 22:33-40 (KJV)


Mark 12:28-33


Luke 10:27




 D) Jesus teaching on the Law of Moses:


Jesus had alot to say about the Law of Moses. All the information we need is in the Gospels.


Matt 5:1-48

Matt 6:1-34

Matt 7:1-27

Matt 15:1-20

Matt 19:1-12

Matt 22:36-40



Mark 7:1-23

Mark 10:1-12

Mark 12:18-34



Luke 6:1-38

Luke 16:1-31

Luke 20:27-40



As God, Jesus could do whatever he wanted to that Law and according to the Disciples he fulfilled it. John 19:1-42



The Disciples of Christ knew of the Judaizers philosophy and met together to discuss what Jesus taught about the Law of Moses and those traditions within it.


Acts 15:1-31 Tells us what happened next.


In rives products he claims he and his followers are SAINTS according to Revelation 14:12.

He totally ignores Revelation 7:1-8 that indicate WHO are the first SAINTS in that book. He also ignores whom is written about in  Revelation 14:1-12. JEWISH Israel.

We as Christians are the Great Multitude. Revelation 7:9-10…



3 rives NEVER once names a SPECIFIC Theologian or Minister that acknowledges that Christianity is pagan or sycretistic. Those that make those types of claims are normally Anti christian teachers like moslems, atheists and more…


Even if rives did include such evidence it would likely be persons that uphold world views that are Unbiblical.



4 rives uses a sect of Christianity named the ‘nazroeans’. In modern words we would use ‘Nazarenes’. The actual term is found here…


” The name Nazaraios is the standard Greek spelling in the New Testament for a man from Nazareth; the plural Nazaraioi means “men from Nazareth”





Similar groups existed along with Christians during the remaining years of the Disciples.


” The Nazarenes, then, recognized Jesus, though it appears from occasional references to them that they considered the Mosaic law binding only for those born within Judaism, while the Ebionites considered this law binding for all men…”




What rives and others like him are doing are behaving like those long dead sects justifying judaizing not because it is Biblical but is merely their philosophy to bring back the Law of Moses unto Gentile Christians.


Early Christians seemed to have had an oral history and later created the ” Didache” as a written document to use as a teaching system for both Jews and Gentiles who became a community.


While elements of the Torah were used by Jesus and the Disciples they were NOT COMMANDED by Jesus or the Disciples as a morality or salvation system.


rives and others like him ignore that information despite all the doctrines I have produced on my blog that have refuted his poor teachings and the teachings of his followers.




To Conclude:



“Hath God said” rives? Or is it your own deceived heart that speaks not for God but your own flesh?


I think we already know the answer.



IF you believe richard rives doctrines to be correct please DONOT forsake the Christian church! Meet with friends and even your Church Pastor and ask them questions that you devise from rives products.


Listen to them and READ YOUR BIBLE. Gods word will have the answers.


Also use my blog and the information I have authored as a resource along with various other authors that have answered the accusations of richard rives, seventh day adventists and other cultists that are misleading you.


PLEASE DONOT loose your faith in God because of apostates like rives and those he aligns himself with.


Yours in Jesus.




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