Can gays cure homophobia or do they contribute to it?

Originally started: Dec 2014

Finished: 6-25-2016



Most of us know the term ‘homophobia’. The fabricated combination of words meaning ‘fear of homosexuals’. Is there a actual ‘mental illness’ that is derived from such a word?


Not that I know of.


After all most SANE people are not comfortable around gay persons. How can I make such a seemingly hurtful statement? Because most folks are too busy with their lives to go out and make lots of gay male friends or lesbian friends. Such activities is not ‘homophobia’ because people have better things to do with their time and money.


The use of the term ‘homophobic’, ‘homophobe’ has been used not as a mental condition but a swear word against those individuals (Like Myself) who question the actions, activities and politics of the progay propagandist either as a individual or a organization.


And why not? Who are they to claim that they are right and those of us are wrong?


After all the whole idea behind the ‘gay pride movement’ in the 1960s and 1970s was to claim “2-4-6-8, smash the church and smash the state,”… And if gays as individuals were to be honest about such a statement that did happen. Now EVERYBODY has to deal with gays as if they are a neo-race / ethnic group in government, business, religion, etc.


And in doing so they cause the following problems…



1 In order to be ‘tolerant’ people have to accept their claims without question.



2 We can’t use negative / offensive slang that are considered insulting to gays or lesbians. (Despite the fact they call themselves ‘faggot’, ‘bitch’, dike’ and whatever other swear words they claim as their own identifier.)



3 In regards to religion, We have to toss away our moral doctrines and Godly authority in order to include them as if they are a gender or a specialized group of persons.



4 Because of laws regarding business… No one can turn away a gay person from whatever services they provide or face civil and criminal penalties.





5 As Americans we are regularly ‘hammered’ in our media with pro gay propaganda. This means we are being instructed to accept their doctrines and to accept such ideas without any counter information.



6 In printed media and online we as Americans are also ‘hammered’ with even more progay propaganda. This means that progay authors regularly spread their ideas and ignore counter information.



It seems to me that the progay crowd has over saturated American life with their ideas, doctrines and philosophy. After all is ‘homophobia’ really disappearing? Or are we Americans getting tired of their philosophy and illogical claims.


Those of us who are Christian. We recognize that our world has changed and yet these changes are not for the betterment of all human beings. The present changes in America itself, is not a result of God but a result of false ideologies and ideas that are not promoting anything that can help gay men or lesbians.


In fact it only creates further division and divisive social, political, religious practices, doctrines and ideas that have fractured America in multitudes of ways.


Even if gays supposedly use:



(A recent article by ‘protest author’ Mark Joseph Stern suggests…)



“Cure Homophobia With This One Weird Trick!”

“Expanding the LGBTQ Conversation”

“Dec. 12 2014 12:39 PM”

“By Mark Joseph Stern”



And that means gays have to canvass neighborhoods and talk to us homophobes in order to convince us that homosexuals deserve marriage and rights.


Now why do we need to be convinced? What is wrong with disagreeing about this issue?


It’s because gays like himself don’t want to give up their political powers. So in order to obtain political and other ‘rights’ they must convince everyone in the USA that their lives are worth protecting.


But from whom?


The main resource for ‘homophobia’ is religion or at least within the opinions of many gay authors online.


If true then why is it that gay authors stroke the fires of ‘homophobia’ with their writings and falsehoods that lead conservatives and religious folks to fear them?



The war machine created by gay men, lesbians and the various others in their ‘letter group’ are not helping their cause but only creating physical and spiritual enemies that are already rising up against them.


And once those progay authors and their allies loose enough battles and political power.


American can go back to enjoying political peace between all parties.


IF NOT… than the factures that exist will only deepen until there will be clear battle lines in neighborhoods, cities and states.


Something that the left should realize before it’s too late.


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