Ten things Gentiles could not do in a Jewish Theocracy

Taken from notes on Exodus written by Finis Jennings Dake

Page 112 Dakes annotated Reference Bible KJV

#1 Eat the Passover without being circumcised

Exodus 12:43-48

#2 Eat Temple food because it is Holy

Exodus 29:33, Leviticus 22:10-14

#3 Be anointed with the Temple Holy Oil

Exodus 30:33

#4 Take any part in or come near the Tabernacle to work

Num 1:51

#5 Have any part in the Priesthood

Num 3:10

Num 3:38


#6 Offer incense to God

Num 16:40

#7 Come near priests in their service

Num 18:4-7

#8 Be King over Israel

Deut 17:15

#9 Be exempt from paying interest

Deut 23:20

#10 Marry widows in Israel

Duet 25:5

“No Scripture in the Bible teaches that Gentile nations were under the law of Moses and were under obligations to obey the Ten commandments or any other detail of Moses law. The word stranger is used 68 times in that law and not once is it stated that they were equal with Israelites in having the law. God dealt with Gentiles under the old program of imputing sin to them through Adam and saving all who would obey the gospel or program of grace which was never part of the law. Gentiles were under the Noahic covenant but not the Mosaic covenant the fact that Gentiles had no part of with Israel in the law is confirmed many times in the New Testament.”

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