The human mind, fear, and haunting’s

Several months ago I borrowed the film ‘The Apparition (2012)’ from my local library.
The premise in the film was that Faith / belief somehow brought forth the un-named demonic creatures attacking the hero and heroine.

The ‘true story’ behind this film is the ‘ The Philip experiment’ where a group of researchers came together to bring a ‘ghost or ‘spirit’ into this world through meditation and belief. While they did seemingly bring ‘something’ into our world the ‘ghost’ did not react with the violence seen in the movie.

The power of the human mind with it’s many centers can be solely responsible for varied perceptions. Especially about ‘ghosts’ and ‘haunting’s’. In the movie ‘the apparition’ it is belief and fear that feed the ‘entity’ leading to multiple attacks against the characters.

When we as human beings become afraid we can interpret noises, feelings and visual occurrences as supernatural when in reality what we witnessed is not supernatural but natural or man made.

As a Christian I am aware of the supernatural and that not every occurrence is man made or a natural act. And yet as a skeptic I have to question the use of ‘popular’ theories and experiences by ghost hunters and hard core occultists who are not merely investigators but trying to push forth occult agendas that either push ideas that are harmful or are trying to make money from victims experiences.

Investigators must constantly test the experiences of not only their client but their own experiences to see if it is ‘in their head’ or an actual supernatural experience or attack.


The Apparition (2012)


The Philip experiment

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