ISSUES: Saturday Sabbath VS Sunday Q&A

My issues with the philosophies that drive Seventh Day Adventists… go further back than the creation of my blog in 2008. My first arguments against Sabbath keeping go as far back as 1999 when I was forced to push out of my ‘comfort zone’ and debate a friend of mine about sabbath keeping and other issues that his life long sda education caused a permanent wedge in our friendship.

The following questions are not necessarily actual questions that have been asked by visitors on my blog but are questions that are seemingly asked by seventh day adventists in person or online.

Issues regarding Saturday Sabbath:


“Why do you hate the Sabbath so much?”

I donot hate Gods Sabbath. I hate how theonomists have used the Sabbath to attack fellow believers and used Saturday Sabbath as wedge between ‘us and them’.


“Why do you decide to go to Church on Sunday and not on Sabbath?”

Again in the OT Saturday Sabbath was given to the Jews and NOT all men. There is NO TEXT in the Holy Bible or Tanakh that Commands Gentile Christians to keep the Sabbath or Sunday. I personally follow after the old tradition that Jesus was resurrected on Sunday. Either way Jesus does use both Saturday Sabbath or Sunday to reach out to his followers. In case anyone thinks I’m too doctrinally or theologically weird please look up the term dispensationalist and then try to understand why I don’t follow the OT Law.


“In your offline studies do you know which day is Sabbath?”

Saturday is the Jewish Sabbath.


“You claim that Saturday is the Sabbath and yet chose to Worship God on Sunday. Can’t you see how hypocritical you are?”

Herein lies the greatest problem. If you are a ‘SDA’ follower who proclaims that Saturday Sabbath is not merely a moral commandment but part of your Salvation. How is following the Law of Moses making you a Christian? I argue that Jesus didn’t Command us through Matthew, Mark, Luke or John to keep Sabbath as a moral or Salvation issue but to follow him. Those who argue that Christians are to keep Saturday Sabbath as part of their Salvation miss the point. Jesus required Salvation through him for both sides of his peoples Jew and Gentile. Not by keeping a specific day over another.

And I’ll add to be a actual ‘hypocrite’… Would mean I would keep Saturday Sabbath & yet write against it.


“What does the Bible say about Saturday Sabbath VS Sunday worship?”

(I follow a dispensationalist position in regarding days of worship. Saturday Sabbath was given to the children of Moses who are Jewish Israel. Both the OT and the Tanakh confirm this.)

In my amateur searches in the Holy Bible online or the KJV on my computer desk. I have constantly looked for proof FROM JESUS of which day I am to follow… he neither Confirms or Denies Saturday Sabbath for his GentileChurch (Or Sunday for that matter). During this study I listed how many times Jesus taught on or about Saturday Sabbath from Matthew, Mark, Luke or John and in those lists Sabbath was always between God & Jews not Gentiles.

If Jesus doesn’t COMMAND Saturday Sabbath for the Gentile why should I worry about it.

Many in the Anti SDA camp argue from this Scripture in Romans 14:4-6. This is the closest Scripture from the Disciples that indicate that we are to chose which day we go Worship God on. I noticed that SDA followers argue that Romans 14:1-23 argue that the chapter only refers to those who are weak Christians. That is partly true. We can also argue that using that Scripture in its entirety means that they are weak in their faith since they consider their salvation from keeping Saturday Sabbath because of the writings of EG White through the book: “The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan, The Conflict of the Ages in the Christian Dispensation”.

I am not afraid of not keeping Sabbath because my Salvation comes from Jesus not keeping a specific day.


Why do you think that Saturday Sabbath is for Jews alone?

Because the Christian Bible and Jewish Tanakh tell us so. Please look up Exodus 20:8-11, Exodus 31:13-18.


Don’t you know that Sunday is satanic?

Sunday is neither good or bad it is simply a day. As a former occultist I have found no evidence that satan was solely worshiped on Sunday. And I have proved that on my blog by using modern examples of occultism to point out the ultimate failure of both SDA and ‘cog’ philosophy.


What day did Jesus rest on?

Saturday Sabbath.

Since you know that Jesus rested on the Sabbath why don’t you do the same?

Well… For starters Jesus as a Jew kept the Sabbath as part of the Law of Moses. Those laws are part of the old Jewish theocratic laws. Since Jesus explained that the most parts of the Law of Moses were found here, Matthew 22:36-40. And the Disciples also took council together about whether or not the Sabbath and the ‘law’ were to be followed by Gentiles or not see here, Acts 15:1-31. It is clear to me that I donot have to keep Sabbath because according to Paul Sabbath or Sunday are personal choices. See here, Romans 14:5-6.


How can you know that Saturday is Sabbath but Sunday isn’t?

Sunday was never suggested as a form of ‘sabbath’ it was simply a day chosen to Worship God on by the early church long before the catholics.


Why do you go to church on Sunday when it is not Saturday Sabbath?

Because it is merely Church tradition and not a commandment. And in turn Saturday Sabbath is neither commanded by Jesus or the Disciples.


Where in the Bible does it say that we as Christians have to go to church on Sunday and not Saturday Sabbath?

There is no specific commandment to keep either day actually. IF you bothered to read what Jesus had to say about the old Jewish Sabbath he taught his fellow Jews how to keep it. In all 4 Gospels Jesus was NEVER recorded to keep Saturday Sabbath or any other specific day.


(2013 Some questions are rehashed from previous ones)

Whom is Saturday Sabbath for originally?

Both the Christian Bible and the Jewish Tanakh inform me (And everyone else) that Saturday Sabbath was for Israel / Jews. See Exodus 20:8-11, Exodus 31:1-18.


Can / Should Christians keep / use Saturday Sabbath?

According to the Bible Christians can; See Romans 14:5-6. Beyond that one Scripture there is NO SPECIFIC COMMANDMENT to keep EITHER SATURDAY or Sunday.


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