Question: “why are homophobes so stupid?”

why are homophobes so stupid?

Asked: Friday, August 8, 2014



In August of 2014 a visitor asked in my blog search engine…


“why are homophobes so stupid?”


Ah… The grand liberal elitists who think that the whole of America should be like them and consider those with medical or religious objections to the gay lifestyle ‘stupid’.



Well… Why am I “stoopid”…



1 I find no plausible (Thank you Mythbusters for that catch phrase) information that gays or lesbians absolutely need to get married at all. After all only small portions of that population regularly have lifelong relationships. Gay men and lesbians already have personal protections through the US Government and whatever or whomever their employers are for benefits as people not a sexualized ‘ethnic group’…



2 Statistics about gay / lesbian divorces taken from Secular media sources donot give me much hope that they as a secularized ‘ethnic group’ or community are better off getting married. In fact it seems that they divorce more frequently than heterosexuals.



3 Gay / lesbian marriage isn’t about protecting the larger morality of any one Country but obtaining governmental benefits such as mutual health care, tax breaks, etc. Not because they deserve it as if they are a race or ethnic group but because they demand it.



4 Using secular media as my main source of information I have constructed the ACTUAL reason for gay rights / marriage, is to get rid of marriage and religious or other morality entirely. This opens further doors to change not only American culture and society but worldwide Governments-cultures-societies to be gay friendly promoting their lifestyles / community to be accepted every where no matter what system of life (Ethnic-Cultural-Religious-Personal-Political-) or identity system a person accepts as part of their individual life.



5 As I have already mentioned in my blog  I can find no information or evidence that gay men and lesbians have been a historical community, race or ethnic group that have been abused, wronged or mistreated during the many centuries of human civilization.



6 As Christians we find it offensive, illogical to take Christianity and to sycretist it with the gay lifestyle and to secularize it in other ways. To do so ruins the message God sent through Jesus to humanity. As I have previously argued, Jesus as God did not teach or preach to accept sexual immorality as if it is normalized nor to accept the doctrines of pagan cultures. Those who proclaim ‘pro-gay’ messages are not talking for God but are mere ‘social gospel’ apostates preaching mans doctrines along with demons.



Thanks to progay authors from secular media resources I am far from ‘stupid’ I am getting a on going education on how the ideological and political left are claiming to promote ‘freedom’ and liberalism but in reality are promoting cultural and personal suicide for a irrational theory that has no possible good for anyone.


No, we so called ‘homophobes’ aren’t stupid. We are simply biding our time watching the libtarded elitists slide into the moral and ethic abysses they created and once their suicidal theory implodes into the mess they wanted, we Conservatives and Christians will eventually rise up and take back the USA and the culture back to where gays should stay privately, quietly living their lives without political agendas and insane power struggles promoting unhealthy lifestyles and sin.

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