Why Im offended with the writings of Roger J Morneau


This post is my follow up to my other posts involving Rodger J Morneau. See “My continuing research on the claims of rodger j morneau”.

In this post are my responses to his book chapter:

“God’s Holy Day, or Holy Day of the Fallen gods?”


In the following paragraphs we find the following weirdness from Mr. Morneau:

“At that time the high priest said something that I found to be both puzzling and disturbing. He stated that in the future as times on this planet would grow more and more difficult, and calamities of all kinds would strike the earth with greater frequency, the fallen spirits are going to then impress religious leaders to bring before the governments and masses of earth, the sacredness of Sunday. The spirits will put all of their efforts into this.”

“Some present who heard this, then asked him, “Well what’s going to happen to those people who don’t believe in or accept the spirits recommendations?” The priest answered, “That will be no problem at all. Laws will be passed by governments that will force people to go along with it, regardless of whether they believe in it or not. And the law enforcement officers will explain to the people, making it very clear, that such a law is necessary to assure the well being of society. These religious laws will be passed with no effort at all.”

“He went on to explain the fact that to give honor and reverence to the ‘Venerable Day of the Sun’ in ages past has been a great irritant to the Creator, as many nations and peoples in earlier times have been involved in the worship of the sun. And he said, “It is all going to take place again. But not in worshipping the sun itself, but in remembering the Venerable Day of the Sun, Sunday to keep it holy!” He then made a statement that I’ll never forget; he said, “ By the observance of the day on which our master, Lucifer, has placed the unction of his authority and power, the master is receiving homage, regardless of who people may think they are worshipping.”  

“The High priest also mentioned the fact that while Lucifer has chosen Sunday as his holy day, the Creator has chosen the Seventh day of the week. It was Lucifer who influenced calling his first day of the week, the sacred day of sun worship, “Sunday”.  And although people may well think that they are worshiping God, the Creator, by observing that particular day, they are actually bringing their homage and respect to the supreme master Lucifer.”

“This brings to mind a dialogue that occurred when the high priest informed us that for centuries friendly demon spirits have working diligently to establish and uphold in the religious convictions of all people, the belief that man has an immortal soul. He then went on to boast about how intelligent the great master was, in that he had been able to deceive the whole world, even in an age of great scientific knowledge and understanding. Then one person put up his hand, and the high priest said,  “Yes, do you want to say something?” He responded, “What about the Adventists? You can’t count them deceived regarding the state of the dead. And I have a question, why is it that they can’t be brought under the great deception?” At that time the priest never spoke about “Seventh-day Adventists” (a group that I had never heard of in my life) he referred strictly to “Adventists”.

“The priest answered, “You’re right; I apologize, here I did make a mistake.  When I said that among all the billions of people living on the face of this planet, everyone was honoring the great master, I forgot all about the Adventists. After all, they are so few in number when you think of all the billions, I didn’t even think to mention them, so I’m sorry.” Then he said, “Secondly, the reason why they can’t be brought under the great deception? Let me explain this to you. Now, my next statement is going to upset some of you, but what I’m telling you is the honest truth, it’s factual and it’s reality. The fact that the Adventists observe the Biblical Sabbath of creation and reverence the Creator on that day makes it impossible for the spirits to deceive them. They are given very special help and great spiritual insight. Under these conditions they are not ordinary people.” And that stayed with me.”

“In Mark 2:28 Christ affirms “Therefore the Son of man is Lord also of the Sabbath.” But another authority speaks. Priest, Thomas Enright, CSSR, President of Redemptorist College, Kansas City, Missouri stated – “The Bible says ‘Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.’ The Catholic Church says, No. By my divine power I abolish the Sabbath day and command you to keep holy the first day of the week. And lo! The entire civilized world bows down in reverent obedience to the command of the Holy Catholic Church.”



As a Christian who keeps Sunday the previous paragraphs are offensive. It is not for me to judge them according to them keeping the Sabbath. And yet they judge me according to the writings of the ‘prophetess’ that keeping Sunday is satans day? These Adventists seems to forget:


Romans 14:4-6

Romans 14:13

Problems I see with the previous paragraphs:

1# The idea of a international ‘Sunday law’ which will be written to put a stop to all other days of worship sounds silly. After all NO sane Christian would never support such a plan or desire to push unfair legistation on fellow believers or unbelievers about one day of worship over another.

#2 Sunday as satan day? WHERE IS THE PROOF?

Show me the evidence from the occult…

This is a horrid accusation made by Morneau towards fellow Christians who worship their Lord Jesus on Sunday. Christians don’t worship a day or satan on that day. Their prayers and worship go to God not the enemy.

#3 Notice this; “The fact that the Adventists observe the Biblical Sabbath of creation and reverence the Creator on that day makes it impossible for the spirits to deceive them. They are given very special help and great spiritual insight. Under these conditions they are not ordinary people.” And that stayed with me.”

Makes it impossible for an SDA to be deceived? And yet they are akin to the Armstrongists and others whose doctrines are worse. Uh huh good try Mr. Morneau that backfired on you.

Now if this was a REAL ‘satanic priest’ as many SDA’s claim notice he makes a specific attack on Christians who worship God on Sunday. He also gives validation of SDA teachings. Which means of course means that this was a story that was made up by Mr. Morneau to sell books.

And where did he actually research this claim about Sunday being about satan?

The following examples are of occult ‘sabbaths’ or Holy days that dispel his claim.



“Rituals for each Holiday”

“The following Section is to be used along with the General Ritual Outline provide on the previous pages. Where ritual elements are the same no matter which holiday you are celebrating – you will see text like the following:”


“The following High Holy Days are covered:”

“Winter Solstice | Candlemas | Vernal Equinox | Beltane | Summer Solstice | Lummas | Autumnal Equinox | Samhain”



Hmmm no rituals involving weekly Sunday ‘worship’… Just yearly…

An example of Theistic Satanism holidays:


“Samhain (October 31st)”

“Yule (Around December 22nd)”

“Imbolc (February 1st)”

“Ostara (around March 21st)”

“Beltane (May 1st)”

“Litha (around June 21st)”

“Lughnasadh (August 1st)”

“Mabon (around September 22nd)”



And yet still no Sunday worship involving satan. Only yearly holidays for this type of satanism…

The only people that would have supported this type of teaching, doctrine would be here:



 “Bible Study Course Lesson 29”



The above website link  is from a sect of the World wide church of God who follow the teachings of Herbert W Armstrong. Which brings up another question. Was Mr. Morneau using ‘COG’ sources to add filler to his book A trip into the supernatural? Hmmmm only time will tell.

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