My response to the article: ‘Polygamy, the Bibles Ultimate Family Value’

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The Jewish individual who authored this article seems to indicate that he supports the idea that polygamy has some kind of authority from the Torah. The problem is that he keeps using the term “Bible” when he is actually relating his theory on polygamy from the Jewish scriptures.

But aside from his misplaced terminology he raises a even more troubling notion that mormonism is somehow related to Christianity AND Judaism. Of which he is obviously ignorant of.

Sorry to inform you joel but the lds church and its outlaw components are not part of Christianity but a religious cult founded on the idiocy of Joseph smith & others.

While joel is supposedly knowledgeable about Gods Law he seems to be unwilling to follow it. This liberal philosophy is noted in several liberal Jewish groups who make Judaism not a religion to God but a philosophy made up by foolish men.

Which brings me to my point. Does Jesus require Christians to have more than one wife?

Jesus teaching about Marriage is found here in the Bible:

















And are further echoed by the Disciples:

1 Corinthians 7:1-40

1 Peter 3:1-7


If subjects such as gay marriage, polygamy, animal sex and other abominations are not taught by Christ or the Disciples… then liberal teachings supporting such subjects are based not from the Bible but a liberal idiots ‘eisegesis’.

Fellow Christians donot believe the hype of mormon-esqe cults that are popularized like the ‘sister wives’ tv show.

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