Is intolerance of the gay lifestyle racism?

Remember a while ago that I claimed that being gay wasn’t a race?


How refreshing that liberals are realizing the same thing.



“Its Not Racist to Oppose Gay Marriage”

“By Jonathan Rauch, 13 hours ago”

“4-23-2014, The Daily Beast”–politics.html






“Is opposing gay marriage the same as being a racist?”

“Conservative opposition to same sex marriage is deeply rooted in religious belief”

“By Damon Linker | 6:16am ET, 2-13-2014”



So if it is not ‘racist’ to oppose same sex marriage nor is it ‘racist’ to oppose same sex rights then why do libtards care?




Because the lib-tarded perfer their own philosophy and religion of the gay lifestyle over anything and everything else on earth.


” Hobby Lobbys harvest A religious exemption for LGBT discrimination?”



Even their own understand that their idiocy is damning and damaging to religion of all sorts and yet they do nothing about it.


“Religious liberty should be a liberal value, too”



” Christian bookstores are the next gay marriage battleground”



“Did Christians Get Gay Marriage Right?”


“By Jay Michaelson “

“3 hours ago The Daily Beast”–politics.html




Most of you liberals think I’m a ‘homophobe’, a bigot, intolerant…


WHY Haven’t my fellow ¬†Americans noticed how much our Country has changed in ten years? How gay friendly the politicans, media, religions have become?


Meanwhile I am watching my own beloved Church become apostate refusing to follow the Teachings of Jesus to avoid sin and fornications.


Yeah I’m afraid that America is damned and no one, Christian or not cares enough to do anything about it. Why because it is better for them to go along with the lib-tarded sheeple than to stand up and fight.


Because no one wants to fight the ‘libbys’ I guess I will continue to do so. This blog of mine is my starting point. At work, At social gatherings I will use those times to preach my opinion and stories to those who will listen and perhaps… Just perhaps, I can influence people to start the necessary changes to challenge the progay apostates, progay bullies and restart a revolution to rid ourselves of the laws and ideology that have turned the USA into a progay slum…

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