Puyallup Washington Parents VS Cair

In recent local news this story got my attention.

“Puyallup parents speak out against school lesson on Islam”

“By John Discepolo Published: Sep 14, 2011 at 6:51 AM PDT”

“PUYALLUP,Wash.– All or nothing.”

“Dozens of parents say if one organization is allowed to come into the classroom and teach their children about the Muslim religion, then all religions should be represented.”

“ThePuyallupSchool Districtwas presented with a request by the Council of America Islamic Relations (CAIR), a national organization, to teach young students about Islam and the Muslim religion as a way to ease fears and educate students.”

“But at a town hall meeting on Tuesday night, the parents’ message was clear: they don’t want religion being taught in public schools.”

“Muslims are welcome here, but if you’re going to be here, you get in line and become American first,” said parent Lisa Hedger. “

“Hedger said as a parent, she doesn’t want any part of the Muslim religion taught in her daughter’s public school.”

“And I actually told her teacher she was not going to write this,” she said. “

“The mother said religion has a time and place, and school is not it.”

“How did you feel Sunday, on 9/11? I spent the whole day in tears, and its been 10 years. And I didn’t think I’d feel that way,” she said. “

“CAIR made a request to thePuyallupSchool Districtfor special accommodations for Muslim children during Ramadan and other holidays. The group also wants to come into schools and speak to children and teach them about Islam.”

“We’ve seen a rise in bullying against Muslim students, and so our goal (is) with some education, with the right accommodation, students will be safer in their schools,” said Gennifer Gist of CAIR. “

“But that safety is being questioned by many, including members ofPierceCountyACT! ForAmerica, an organization dedicated to concerned citizens and parents who feel CAIR has ulterior motives.”

“For America’s sake, we don’t think that it’s fair that Islam gets a pass and the other religions don’t, but also because CAIR is a front for the Muslim brotherhood,” said group member Kerry Hooks. “We have a real problem with organizations with ties to terrorism that come into the public schools.”

“Most of the parents who attended the town hall meeting agreed on keeping religion out of school and want classrooms focused on education.”



I applaud my fellow Washington parents for standing up against a unwanted ‘dahwah’ and its consequences. Cair has no purpose other than spread Taqiyyah and deceit about Islam and in my opinion its high time from Parents, Grandparents and all other caregivers to care about their kids and not let some smooth talking imam push a “SYSTEM” upon uneducated youth.

Generally speaking religion is not part of the American public school systems. So why should anyone allow islam alone to speak to Washington students? This goes far beyond ‘bigotry’, ‘islamophobia’, or ‘intolerance’ against islam. We Americans have always had a choice to educate our kids at home about religion or atheism. For Cair (or any other group) to go into a American school system and attempt to educate American children about islam and its systems without parents consent is foolish and shows the individuals that are behind cairs leadership donot give a damn about the wants, desires, philosophies, and religions of non muslims in Washington state and America.

Yes I’m sure Cairs leadership are angry at parents responses to their attempt at ‘dahwah’ without parents consent. Its just another example of how Freedom of Speech, Freedom of press, and Freedom of thought override islams Theocracy system.

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