My open letter to Susan Cox

My open letter to Susan Cox

Feb 2012


As many of my fellow Washingtonians know. Josh Powell killed himself and his sons in a horrific fire in Graham WA. He was a suspect in the disappearance of Susan his wife and the mother of their sons Charlie, 7, and Braden, 5. Because of josh I refuse to use the last name of ‘powell’ out of respect for the Cox family.

This is my attempt at a heartfelt letter to her memory and to the memory of her sons.

“Dear Susan,”

“I am one of many people touched by your life and the life of your sons. I am horrified and saddened by your loss and the loss of your sons because of one evil man.”

“Your life and the lives you helped to bring forth into this world should never be forgotten nor squandered. We the public should work to change the American legal system to place evil, abusive men like josh under Federal lockdowns to keep them secured till they can be proved safe and sane to join their wives and children in order to stop the horrors of crime like rape and murder.”

“Until then Susan… I am sorry we the public failed you. I am sorry the governments in bothUtahandWashingtonfailed you.”

“I hope you have found peace with your sons and the love of Christ and your ancestors in the boundaries of Heaven!”

“God Bless you and those of your family on earth and Heaven.”


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