Islams criticism of the West

I would like to start out this thought with the realization that criticizing the West is indeed a necessary evil.

After all I as a American, Former US Marine, A Father of 3 I recognize the many evils in my culture, Country, Systems etc. As an adult I see everyday on my local news the effects of secular, humanist society on my fellow Americans.

The drug ‘culture’, The meditative use of alcohol, Promiscuous sexuality, The many STDs that came from poor choices of the hippies and others, The broken families, The Fatherless children, The generations of ‘Gimme Gimme’ I want it now Materialists, The wasteful misuse of land-food-water and the list of perceived evils goes on.

Yes islam as a system can easily call America and other Western Countries ‘shaitanic’…

And yet as a system… has islam SOLVED the very same issues that are problems in the West?

Any muslim may assume that it has… but in reality…

“Taliban targets UK with heroin, calls it chemical-jihad”

“Vigilantes Kill 40 Women in Iraq’s South”

“December 12th, 2007 2:20 pm”

“Rape is a Muslim Weapon of Terrorism”

“Defying a Clan Code of Silence on Unspeakable Crimes”

“`Honor’ killings norm for one clan”

“By Diaa Hadid”

“July 08, 2007 in print edition A-6”

Muslims may say something like:

“The advocates and intellectuals of the Islamic Movement should tell the Nation about its diseases as these diseases actually are, not hide them as people do with those who are afflicted with incurable diseases. They should give the people the facts, even though such facts may be bitter, not feed them rosy dreams without trying to bring these dreams to reality.”

Apparently the ‘rosy dream’ of a world wide ‘ummah’ with the same kinds of problems or worse like:

If muslims can’t solve thier own problems in thier communities, or countries they should REALLY reconsider trying to tell the West how to fix our lives, political systems, religions etc.

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