Criticism of harold camping links

“Until just a few days ago I had never heard  of ‘harold camping’ the loony California ‘preacher’ who has run affoul with the rest of Christianity.

I have taken the time to look up a series of internet articles about this character. In attempting to research his doctrines and theology his website has been taken down and it seems that his followers have made no public statements about his predictions.


“Judgment Day Math: The Numbers behind Harold Camping’s May 21 Claim”

“By John Matson | May 19, 2011 12:55 PM”


“Harold Camping’s Heresies EXPOSED!”

“By David J. Stewart”


“Harold Camping”

“Dangerous Airwaves: Harold Camping’s Call to Flee the Church”


“James R. White”


“21 Things You Should Know About Harold Camping”

“May 19, 2011”


“Question: “Is Harold Camping and Family Radio a cult?”


“Harold Camping”

“Founder and President, Family Radio (Family Stations, Inc.)”

Harold Camping | Family Radio


“Shock! Is This Harold Camping’s Suicide Goodbye Letter?”


“One Year Until the End of the World”

“Friday, May 21, 2010”

“Harold Camping: 1994?”

“A Summary Critique


“Stephen C. Meyers”


“Harold Camping: A Man With No Shame”


Harold Camping Strikes (Out) Again!

by Sandy Simpson, 12/4/10

Harold Camping: Date-Setting Madness

By Dr. David R. Reagan

Lamb & Lion Ministries

Posted: 03/08/11



If you have noticed he also made a similar prediction in 1994 and obviously it failed. Now that is is May 21 and nothing has happened his latest prediction is also a failure. Time to leave the loon friends. Follow Jesus and not a false prophet!




I have recieved word that camping has had a stroke. The story can be found here:


East Bay Doomsayer Harold Camping suffers stroke

By Josh Richman, Rick Hurd and Matthias Gafni


Posted: 06/11/2011 02:47:11 PM PDT


“Harold Camping Suffered a Stroke, Oakland Tribune Reports “

T”he end-of-the-world predictor was brought to a hospital Thursday night after suffering a stroke. “


By Eve Pearlman | | 4:35pm”


Although I pity his wife and family. Mr. Camping is undoubtedly in trouble with Christ for his bad teaching and outrageous lies towards the American public.

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