My open letter to ‘governor jay inslee’

Started: 5-7-2016

Finished: 12-27-2016

Earlier this spring the liberal guv of Washington state was recorded saying a multitude of things against (Pres.) Trump. Here’s a achieve of news stories about his reaction to trumps well recorded rants & eventual visit to the Evergreen State:


“Gov Inslee tells Trump Your hate is not welcome in our state”


“In a news conference, Governor Inslee and others said Trump’s hateful rhetoric is not welcome in Washington.”

“Natalie Brand, KING 7:59 PM. PDT May 06, 2016”


“Inslee: I will build a wall around Washington to keep out Trump”

“BY JOEL CONNELLY, SEATTLEPI.COM Updated 7:20 pm, Thursday, April 7, 2016”


“Governor, community groups denounce Trump ahead of his visit to state”

“Posted 5:31 PM, May 6, 2016, by Andrew Padula, Updated at 05:51PM, May 6, 2016”

Governor, community groups denounce Trump ahead of his visit to state


“Inslee blasts Trump ahead of rallies”

“Presumptive GOP nominee has scheduled visits today in Spokane and Lynden”

  ” By WALKER ORENSTEIN of the Associated Press May 7, 2016″


“Inslee, Democrats seek to make Trump an issue in governor’s race”

“Originally published July 16, 2016 at 2:38 pm Updated July 19, 2016 at 6:09 am Corrected”

 “During his campaign for re-election, Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee repeatedly has condemned a political foe as a narcissist and bigot who’d bring “hate” to Washington. He’s not talking about his GOP challenger, Bill Bryant, but rather Donald Trump.”

“By Jim Brunner Seattle Times political reporter”


“Inslee, Seattle groups: Trump is both demagogue and political opportunity”

“BY JOEL CONNELLY, SEATTLEPI.COM STAFF Updated 7:01 pm, Friday, May 6, 2016”


And of course it backfired on the lovely socialist – democrats that ruin ER run the WA State Government.

“Gov. Inslee’s plan to ‘keep Trump out didn’t work’”

“By Dyer Oxley, Writer   | May 7, 2016 @ 12:14 am”

“Michael Medved sees some similar vulnerabilities in Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and Donald Trump. (AP)”

“Local News”


Next: my well overdue letter.


Dear inslee and your democratic / socialist commies


Thank you for your recent published comments in regards to (Pres elect) donald trump.

While I am NOT a fan of trump or the republican party. I am also NOT a fan of the democratic party because I view both political parties as abysmal failures who have not saved America nor helped it.

However. As a political conservative and life long Washingtonian your rhetoric and leftist political agendas DONOT REPRESENT ME OR OTHERS LIKE ME!!

I am SICK & TIRED of the idiotic liberal leftist / socialist morons who CAN’T fix anything in the Washington state area and despite any claims made by politicians you have only made this State a haven for propagandists and incapable liberals who have only ADDED MORE PROBLEMS to this state in every way

How is that, you might ask?

Higher taxes

Legalizing marijuana…

Thousands of ‘transplants’ from other states  who only wear out the laughable ‘transportation systems’ in this state…

Pro gay propaganda in print and the local media…

Quasi socialist nut jobs who are incapable of leading the city…

A failed medical system that can’t support the elderly or handicapped…

A influx of heroine addicted criminals…

A influx of homeless people who are abusing the system…

Being fined by your dear friend obama when I can’t pay into his idiotic medical insurance scam…

Do you know what Washington State really needs?

I’ll tell you.


*Give the Police the ability to grab drug addicts and have a system in place to get them off the streets and into rehab centers. Where they can be cared for until they can take care of themselves within society.


*Give the Police and Courts the ability to grab the gangs, drug lords and others who are creating the drugs and either give them life sentences or outright kill them.


*Have a better system in place to take care of the elderly and handicapped. Social security Medicare / medicade etc isn’t working.


*Quit allowing the homeless to live where ever they please. Or in other words get them out of parks, greenbelts, Wal-Mart parking lots and abandoned buildings. Get them placed in small apartments and make them get jobs so they can quit being homeless.


*Counter progay propaganda. Make sure they never forget that it was their own lgbt that started hiv. It’s time to re-educate the lgbt-ers to always remember that their health and safety is in THEIR hands not politicians.


*Instead of higher taxes. How about starting businesses, starting industries that can bring higher paying jobs in the WA State economy.


*Instead of gun control. Grab the mentally ill, deranged and the criminals who would use (ANY) WEAPONS to harm other people and get them out of society.


*Instead of protests and riots. Actually figure out that it is the political leftists who can’t solve problems than it is up to multitudes of people to offer their own suggestions to find solutions to the problems that can be used by everyone.


*Acknowledge that the democratic party / socialists /leftists are not solving the Country’s or States problems. They MUST listen and seek solutions that WORK FOR EVERYONE.


*Acknowledge that name calling Christians, Political Conservatives has made them your enemy. Calling us “homophobes”, “Xenophobes”, “Islamaphobes” etc has cost you a lot politically and more will be coming. We as Christians and Conservatives have the right to push back at you. We have our own reasons for the ‘phobias’, perhaps you should listen why and then agree to disagree or help us to seek solutions to our concerns instead of trying to silence us.

*Legalizing drugs: I am well aware that you now have a revenue from marijuana sales but what is the human cost? I am well aware of the DUI crashes that seem to be a monthly occurrence. After all if the legalization of marijuana or other drugs isn’t dropping the crime rate and other legal problems what was the point?


*Abortion: Killing a unborn baby is a evil act. IF a abortion has / had to happen it should be for DOCUMENTED Medical reasons and not just on the whim of some bonehead.

And there is always more…

IF you can’t offer solutions to the problems your political party and it’s leftist auxiliary have created maybe it’s time to listen to those who differ with your ideology and to work for Washington’s future instead of trying to destroy it.


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