QUESTION: “Is there anything wrong with keeping sabbath?”

Nov 2013

Sometime in Nov 2013 a visitor typed the following question in my blog search engiene.


“Is there anything wrong with keeping sabbath?”

My answer is very simple.

NO there is nothing wrong with keeping Saturday Sabbath as your day of rest. AS LONG as you are not trying to add anything to it by false teaching or flawed philosophy.

As I continually point out from the Bible there is no necessity to keep the Sabbath. It is simply a day chosen by those who are not of Israel or Messianic Judaism.

After all the Bible tells us who the Sabbath is for.

Exodus 20:8-11

Exodus 31:12-18


Since Saturday Sabbath is not mentioned as a set day of worship by EITHER Jesus or the Disciples. This of course means that we as Christians have NO set date of worship. Sunday or Sabbath Saturday are merely choices we as Christians and Churches make for ourselves.

Please read: Romans 14:5-6

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