Should Christians support ‘Black Lives Matter’?

Started: 7 4 2020

Finished: 7 4 2020

UPDATE: 9 22 2020

As a Christian I would have supported any organization that claimed to be against the kkk, black power and any other racist or Anti Israel group or movement.

Since ‘BLM’ has effected my family through left leaning ideas I’ve had to do my own research on this group / movement and here is my opinion on this subject.

‘BLM’ stands for “Black lives Matter”. Which is a catchphrase meaning that Black folk in the USA are abused, murdered by Police. They suffer due to white supremacy and Systematic racism and that they are powerless against continual racism within all the systems of the USA.

So what do they want to do?

Destroy everything till they get what they want… Such as:

“Defund The Police”

“May 30, 2020”


“Beliefs of BLM:”


Other blm beliefs with a different group:

Black Lives Matter DC


“ABOUT US: Movement for Black Lives”



And that’s just some of the subjects blm & it’s allies post online or what the 3 founders have said in interviews.

As Christians are we to support Marxism, antinomian ideas? No.

Are we to assume we are racist according to left leaning ideas because we aren’t black or African? No.

Are we to be agreeable to ideas that contrary to Jesus teaching? No.

Are we as Christians supposed to support Anti-Police, Anti-Government systems to disrupt and destroy the way we govern and have authority? No.

So if ‘blm’ is against the Government, Police, Legal authority

If ‘blm’ is against the nuclear family & heterosexual persons

IF ‘blm’ supports criminality, protests and anything else that effects other people

IF ‘blm’ supports ANY type of anti-white racism, anti-Semitic ideas, anti-Israel ideas

IF blm supports african ancestor witchcraft.

See this article:

“The Fight for Black Lives is a Spiritual Movement”

“By: Hebah Farrag”

“June 9, 2020”


It needs to be questioned, condemned and if necessary silenced & made illegal.

For ‘blm’ to actually work it has to do the following:

Get rid of ALL left leaning, socialistic, marxist ideas and re-think it’s values to appeal to Conservatives, Christians and everyone in the USA.


Get rid of Anti-cop, Anti-government, Anti legal system propaganda.


Get rid of lgbt ideas that are meant to harm heterosexuals and everyone else.


Get rid of the reparations propaganda and admit that slavery is not just a black / African issue but a sin of humanity because EVERY Country, Race, Ethnic group, is guilty of slavery.

What Christians can do about ‘blm’.

Pray. Seek God ask his Forgiveness for the human sin of slavery, bigotry, bias and racism.

Seek information to counter ‘blm’ propaganda and to push back at left leaning / marxist, communist, socialist ideas / ideologies both with ‘blm’ supports and their allies.

Help seek Legal justice against criminal, racist police or vigilantes of those black Americans or others killed in questionable circumstances.

Look up what the Bible has to say about these present circumstances.

Romans 12:1-21

Romans 13:1-14

Romans 8:1-39

We are to love our enemies:

Ephesians 4:2-7

Romans 13:8-14

I am not alone in my skepticism on this issue:

“How should Christians view the Black Lives Matter movement?”


“What does the Bible say about racism?”


The actual reasoning behind the ‘blm’ cult:

“What is the critical race theory?”


The ideas behind ‘blm’ that are left leaning / marxist are against EVERYTHING America stands for. It stands against the God of the Bible & Christianity.

‘Blm’ will not save black / African people it will only lead to more pain, hate, violence, bloodshed and destruction. I encourage all who are doubting ‘blm’ to do your own research and seek those who are skeptical of their claims. It’s time to end the political left in the USA and to stop ANY racist ideas for continuing.


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