Dear President Trump,


Started: 12 18 2019

Finished: 12 18 2019



I wanted to personally and publicly Thank You for taking up the Office of President despite all the media hype against you. I am not ashamed to call you My President & I am personally thankful for all you have done for the USA!


I have already publicly admitted I didn’t vote for you 3 years ago due to your comments and your public persona.


See here:


To say that you were a Conservative, a moral individual would be a lie. As a Business man and tv personality you are far from someone who I would have voted for at the time.




The democrats / dnc have become the closest thing to satan on earth with all of their left leaning / socialist malarkey and their un-denial hatred of the Blue collar workers and the many Christian, Jewish & Conservative people.


The dnc that my Grandparents voted for has gone from a caring political party that used to help the elderly and handicapped to the amoral socialistic pandering lgbt, abortion loving loons that shredded America politically thanks to obamas policies.


I have publicly stated before that I despised the clintons and with good reason the murders at Waco TX, The shooting at Ruby Ridge and the many amoral activities of both bill and hillary were proof enough of their bad decisions and all the criminal activities  and everything else that is documented that they have been up to since the were in Arkansas.


As for the obamas they too weren’t wanted not because of skin color but policy. Once the election was held I knew the Republican side would very quickly fall apart because their candidates were too weak.


My disdain for the obamas was not only his political policies but everything that happened due to his kissing up to moslem theocrats, forcing medical insurance on all Americans and so forth.


As you can imagine I HATE the left leaning democrats. I HATE their crappy policies and the way they give power to moslem politicians and lgbt friendly causes. I HATE them trying to enforce their WILL UPON ME because they don’t want me to think for myself or live according to Freedom according to Natural and human laws.


What is going on now in the Senate and through out American politics ANGERS ME and disgusts me! I LOATH that the democrats want to remove you from office not because of a actual crime but imaginary, media hyped crap that would not hold up in a legal court.


The democrats are nothing but spoiled left leaning communists who desire the death of America as I knew it. Where school shootings didn’t exist, That lgbt propaganda and hype was left in private not public, That commie groups like antifa didn’t exist or were subject to hiding in basements.


When people attack you Mr. President it’s not just you they attack. It’s the very ideas you represent. Conservative ideas, “Making America Great”, Freedom, the very ideas that the democrats, their globalist allies and the many other factions despise. The very ideas and subjects they want to get rid of.


I don’t know if you will survive this politically motivated impeachment. But IF You do you will have my vote!


I can promise you this if you are impeached.


I will avenge the idea of individual / personal freedoms by VOTING DOWN EVERYTHING that the dnc political party in Washington state creates. I WILL do my utmost to get rid of dnc left leaning policies until the day I die because that is the easiest way to screw over their plans and to keep Washington & American great.


I have been Praying for you and the ideas you represent to survive and thrive.



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