The reasoning behind my post “A Simple challenge to Seventh Day Adventists”

Quite a while ago I posted a public challenge to SDA (Seventh Day Adventist) followers to prove to me and others like me that Jesus required we Christians to keep the Sabbath. A number of SDA Christians did accept my challenge and gave me their particular theories on why Protestant Christians should keep the Sabbath.

In my blog I have given my reasons for not keeping the Sabbath not merely from my own opinion but from what is written in the Scriptures. And from what is written in the Christian Bible clearly shows that EG White and those who followed her are in the wrong.

Allow me to use the following points pertaining to my reasoning for this previous challenge:

1 Sabbath according to EG White is a type of salvation. According to her philosophy from her books and other online documents clearly show that her “Christianity” is one where ‘true’ Christians keep Saturday Sabbath and all others who worship Christ on Sunday are “Marked with the mark of the beast”. To say such things and yet be unable to provide any evidence from our Bibles to back up her teachings does not make her teachings or writings from God but from her own wicked imagination.

2 Saturday Sabbath mentioned in the Torah was specifically forIsrael. The Torah is very specific on what Jewish Israel was to do and not do on that day of rest. See Exodus 20:8-11, Exodus 31:12-18, Numbers 15:32-36. None of the teachings of EG White are anywhere similar to what God and Moses taught about the Sabbath.

3 Before I wrote and posted my challenge I looked up and read all Scriptures about Saturday Sabbath in the New Testament. Matthew, Mark, Luke and Acts all have references to Sabbath but NO SPECIFIC COMMANDMENTS from Jesus or the Disciples to keep such a day. IF Jesus wanted his Jewish and Gentiles followers to keep such a day it would be in our Bibles right now and there would be no more controversy.

The link to my previous post here:

I challenged SDA followers to show me that Jesus according to EG White Commanded we Gentiles to keep the Sabbath. As each individual answered my challenge and left behind their comment / answers.

However their opinions did not show the truth of the WORD only their ‘truth’.

In short those individuals who accepted my challenge only proved my point.

Jesus did not leave behind special requirements to keep the Sabbath NOR did he leave behind Commandments or teachings to keep the Law of Moses as a Theocratic law. While SDA’s donot believe in the Theocratic portion of Gods law they choose to keep the Ten Commandments as a type of moral law but donot keep the portions pertaining the punishments God instructed Moses andIsrael.

As everyone has seen from my next post in regards to this challenge.

“Responses to my challenge: ‘A Simple challenge to Seventh Day Adventists’

A common theme from SDA followers is not evidence from the Bible. The best evidence that SDA followers can come up with is the philosophy from their prophetess and those who wrote for her.

All present and future responses from those who leave behind their comments on that post will produce the same responses.


Yes those who left behind their comments used the Scriptures to prove their particular points. And yet they still cannot prove that Jesus required the Sabbath in the same vein as their prophetess wrote of. And that alone proves my point.

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