What I love about Christmas, What I hate about Christmas

What I love about Christmas What I hate about Christmas


Between 1972 to 1998 I was a big fan of Christmas. I loved the family gatherings, presents, food and fun that comes from growing up from a baby to a teenager.

But times changed…

Things I Love about Christmas.

My Family and my kids

Evergreen trees decorated

Gifts / Presents

Cooking – Food

The story of Jesus:Readingof the Nativity story in Luke 1:5-80, Luke 2:1-40

Helping others

Saying “Merry Christmas” to co-workers, friends, families, strangers

Worship of our Lord Jesus in Church or home.

Shopping and buying my own Christmas presents and buying Christmas presents for my Wife, Kids & Parents.

Things I HATE about Christmas.

Scrooges – People who steal manager scenes, stealing Christmas decorations, criminals who break into your car or home,



Cheesy music

Atheistic hatred of Christianity

Santa Claus and his reindeer

My own anger & hatred

Allowing strangers to make me angry.

This is not a complete list of loves and hates but you get the idea.

Merry Christmas to all.

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