Christians are guilty of either exegesis or eisegesis

Christians are guilty of either exegesis or eisegesis

Jan 2012

Yes I admit I am guilty of eisegesis. For those of us who are not aware of such terms please feel free to read the following definitions.

And of course exegesis.

Frightening enough I believe that 95% or more of Christians are guilty of eisegesis. We try to interpret various Scriptures that fit our pet Doctrines, Theology etc.

Is this really surprising? No not really. After all we Christians come from multiple Denominations and sometimes even odd sects. So it is really not surprising that we cannot agree on ideology, doctrines, theology etc.

What is my ‘exegesis?’

I am guilty of using various Scriptures to disprove online Theonomy and other types of attacks by either quasi-christians or others who are promoting false doctrines.

And yet those who I attempt to refute online are also guilty of the same eisegesis.

As a regular joe that has spent 20 years in Christianity. I have a lot of problems with the following teachings online.

1 Those who teach that Saturday Sabbath is the ‘correct’ day of rest and worship and bad mouth Sunday as a satanic day or some other type of nonsense.

2 Those who teach that they must keep the Ten Commandments either as a moral or salvation doctrine but ignore the rest of Gods law..

3 Those who try to use the Christian Bible to teach their specific Theonomy and use terminology that their teachings are “Biblical Christianity” while calling fellow Christians multiple names because we donot believe in their claims.

Yes I can agree with one of my recent commentors.

“Mainstream Christianity uses blatant eisegesis, especially when it comes to Paul and the law. Historical church leaders, and modern church leaders, have used and continue to use their own ideas and thoughts, and apply them to the study of the scriptures. Not using biblical proof, but using mainstream ideas.”

Either all of Christianity is in the wrong or only one sect over another. Time will tell whom Jesus will prove right.

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