No Biblical Basis for haunting’s

July 23, 2013

Earlier this month I was watching a video from this website:

“Daughter Who Lived in Real Life Conjuring House Gives TheBlaze the Most Terrifying, Ghostly Details That Didn’t Make the Movie”

“Jul. 23, 2013 10:08am Billy Hallowell”

And one of the commenter’s said the following statement:

” No Biblical Basis for haunting’s”

I find that statement quite true because we as Christians have no specific doctrine about ghosts & haunting’s. While I feel sorry for the victims of the purported goings on I can’t help but wonder… How much of that weirdness was a demonic attack and how much of it was fear and it’s effects on peoples minds.

In the Christian Bible there is nothing about Jesus talking about ghosts or hauntings. This is because such things did not exist in the spiritual realm Jesus understood.

Instead Jesus dealt with the demonic. Those fallen angels that God sent away from heaven. Here are multiple examples from the Gospels.

Matthew 8:16

Matthew 8:28-34

Matthew 9:32-35

Matthew 10:1

Matthew 17:14-23


Mark 1:21-34

Mark 3:11

Mark 5:1-20

Mark 6:7


Luke 4:31-44

Luke 6:18

Luke 7:21

Luke 10:17-24


Even the Disciples dealt with demons.

Acts 5:16

Acts 8:7

Acts 16:16-18

Acts 19:12-13

Jesus as our example gave us specific information to deal with the supernatural he did not ask us to communicate or investigate the demonic that claim to be ghosts.

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