Question: “What are the differences between Judaism and seventh day adventists?”

Started: July 5 2014

Finished: 3-14-2015

A number of recent visitor’s  typed in the following questions in my blog search engine as:

“difference between Judaism and seventh day adventist”

Which correspond to similar questions asked 3-2-2015

“sda is a Jewish or not?”


“is Jewish and seventh day adventist the same?”

I don’t understand why people can’t do their own research into comparing one religion with another… after all it’s very simple using the internet. But I digress…

Let’s look up various Jewish websites that describe their beliefs. Such as:


As you may or may not know.

They Worship 1 God. Jesus is not included in their doctrines.

They reject the Christian Bible and only use the Torah.

They hold religious services on Sabbath. Friday night till the end of Saturday.

They keep the whole law of Moses. (Unless those groups are liberal)


Now what of Seventh Day Adventists?

Here are website examples of ‘sda’ beliefs.


As you might notice there are many differences between the sda sect or cult and Judaism. Feel free to list those differences.

Other websites that demonstrate the differences between Christianity and Judaism.

Christianity in General compared with Judaism.


‘sda’ or Seventh Day Adventists believe in the Trinity. Father, Son, & Holy Spirit.

They believe that Ellen G White is their prophetess and teacher

They believe that Sunday is not the Sabbath and that that day is the dreaded ‘mark of the beast’

‘sda’ keep the Sabbath similar to their Jewish cousins (Friday night till the end of Saturday)

They ‘keep’ the Ten Commandments but reject the rest of the Law of Moses…

To answer the previous question. ‘SDA’ beliefs are different from Jewish folk and Judaism. Being Jewish is both a biological trait and of course a organized religious group.

So no,… seventh day adventism is not related to Judaism and Judaism is not related to the Christian faith.

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