Question: Should Western Governments make islamophobia illegal?

The obvious answer is NO!

As a American I am used to posting my views anonymously about any religion or political group. This is because I am granted specific rights to post online, publish in books or through the use of other media whatever I want to publicly denounce, criticize, mock or reply to ANY RELIGION OR POLITICAL SYSTEM through the Constitution of the USA and the ability to defend such ideology, religious beliefs in the American court system.

These rights are challenged by well meaning but fool hearted persons who can’t stand the idea that their moslem friends can be criticized and insulted because of the life of their ‘prophet’, his sayings or actions in the quran or hadiths, online posts or publications, their actions through terrorism / jihad or criminality, and their personal community culture.

Such persons are equally disturbed by the so called ‘Anti-sharia’ groups that use various propaganda to insure that American laws keep out islams Theocratic laws that could effect non muslim populations legally – religiously etc.

Those who are the ‘cheerleaders’ for more legality against ‘intolerance’ are blinded from their humanistic quest for ‘justice’ by not knowing what islam is. It is a Theocratic system far worse than catholics or Christians.

For those of you who consider yourselves “progressive, liberal, humanist, secular, atheist / antitheist” does islam as a religion or system protect your rights and those causes you believe in to be true? IF not why fight for moslems in the USA when their own moslem friends in Islamic controlled counties destroy the very philosophies and causes you care for?

So what is the answer?

The answer is not to take away our Freedom of Speech or Freedom of religion in order to further appease moslems either locally or internationally. To appease moslems means that we are under their laws and leadership which means the West has already fallen. Such a decision by our leaders means that we are all dhimmis and we have absolutely NO protection under sharia laws.

The answer is allow ALL people to freely speak their minds.

If moslems are so sensitive for non muslims to criticize their ‘religion’ / theocratic system they should do the following.

Understand that non muslims donot need to believe as they do.

Since moslems can post, publish attacks on Christianity, Judaism and many Western countries political systems non muslims also have the right to speak their minds against islam and moslems.

Since moslems also live in the West they can post on blogs, website their displeasure about a video, post or publication that defames or disparages muhammad and other moslems.

Free Speech issues should be kept out of the UN and international law. Being that each country has its own local or federal laws to give or take away both media rights and personal rights in regards to whatever a person writes / publishes, speaks in public or on youtube.

IF moslems take away my right to think, say or publish about their theocratic system and ‘prophet’ it only means that I will work harder to remove them and their system from the USA and drive them back to mecca where their corrupt laws and system can stay.

Islam is un-necessary here in the USA and their outdated laws in order to protect their system are not needed for the USA to follow.

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