Why violence on Mayday works against the democratic party and its leftist ‘sjw’

Started: 4-30-2017

Finished: 4-30-2017



Tomorrow is Mayday a supposed peaceful time to go outside and enjoy the beginning of Spring.





“History and Origin of May Day”





Unfortunately there are those who use it for criminal purposes.


Such as:



“The Brief Origins of May Day”

“By Eric Chase – 1993”





And of course Seattle’s own…



“Why We Should Strike on May Day”


“Kshama Sawant is a Seattle city councilwoman and member of Socialist Alternative.”


“02.21.2017 United States”




Click to access SA-32-webFINAL.pdf




Which brings me to my point.


The use of criminality, violence and protests are the product of weakness of all those in the left who consider themselves ‘sjw’, socialist, democrat because they donot want to work within the existing system of Government.


Instead they provide:





And for what?


It only makes your typical Seattle-ite angry.


However here is what is useful about ‘sjw’ criminality.



1 It is Evidence against them.


I’m just merely meaning against their person in Court but against the very philosophies constructed by the leftists authors. It demonstrates that their systems cannot change anything nor is it helpful.


2 ‘sjw’ violence can be used against the democratic party.


I personally consider ‘social justice warriors’ the children of the democratic party. A socialistic / liberal hybrid of ideas and philosophy that hates Capitalism and Authority in general. When it’s time to vote people in Washington State should remember all the bad stuff that the ‘dnc’ has done such as the high taxes, $15 per hour malarkey and any criminality carried out by anarchists and use it as ammo to vote them all out.


3 ‘social justice warriors’ are today’s socialists and tomorrows Capitalists.


The problem of ‘sjw’ and socialism is that without well known evidence that socialism CAN’T work properly and keep EVERYONE safe & well means that they will eventually abandon such belief systems and settle for working systems that can provide for themselves and their future families.


In any case…


Mayday in Seattle is either going to be a poof. A flash in the pan news story with no damage or injuries.


Or another excuse for the ‘sjw’ idiots to get arrested and fined for their criminality.

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